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Protect your computer from the threats of cyber world. Get magic in it ! PJMagic Total Security
Includes all features of Antivirus & Internet Security

Top News

PJMagic Total Security launched 2013, in the month of December(2012), just before the new year.

PJMagic Total Security now includes offline update downloader.

New virus definitions included in the new version.

New version has fast recovery of PJMagic Total Security if any problem occurs in the software.

Now PJMagic Total Security is much faster.

PJMagic Total Security

Our software is a complex solution which saves your system from viruses, adwares, spywares, trojans, worms and a lot of other infections that can damage your PC or let third person to receive access to your personal information.

Complete protection against viruses and hackers: full antivirus functionality, firewall (Control of application network access, Protection against external attacks), WEB-filtering (scanning of HTTP traffic).

Features :

Low system resources consumption:

PJMagic Total Security takes only 120-130 Mb of memory.

Simple and friendly user interface:

PJMagic Total Security employs simple and very user-friendly interface that could be easily understood even by beginner users. There are no complex settings or advanced functionality, only the most important functionalities are available. All settings are well-grouped by categories.

Instant display of current status of product:

PJMagic Total Security automatically monitors status of system protection and gives brief overview of system security in System Status pane. Also tray icon serves as an additional indicator.

Complete antivirus functionality:

PJMagic Total Security has all antivirus functionality.

Real-time file checking: It detects viruses or other malware that are attempting to intrude user’s computer and prevent from intrusion.

Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing mail messages for malware, enabling safe and secure e-mail communication.

Heuristic analysis allows detection of new and unknown malware.
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