Ambarella Expands Its SoC Security AI Vision Portfolio With Two New Families; Doubles the resolution to 32MP30 for 4K multi-imager cameras with advanced AI

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Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), a silicon company for AI vision, today announced the expansion of its SoC portfolio for AI vision with the new CV5S and CV52S security families. Based on CVflow® and advanced 5nm processing technology, the new SoCs support simultaneous 4K encoding and advanced AI processing in a unique low-power design, which delivers industry-leading AI SoC performance per watt . The CV5S family is ideal for security camera applications that require multiple sensors for 360 degree, wide area, and long range coverage, such as outdoor city environments or large buildings. The CV52S family is designed for single-sensor security cameras with advanced AI performance that need to more clearly identify individuals or objects in a scene, including faces and license plate numbers over long distances , like ITS traffic cameras.

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Ambarella announces the AI ​​Edge CV5S and CV52S vision SoC families for next-generation multi-imager and single-imager AIoT camera applications, smart cities, smart buildings, smart retail and smart traffic. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Security system designers want higher resolutions, more channels, and ever faster and more ubiquitous AI capabilities,” said John Lorenz, senior technology and market analyst, IT at Yole Development. (Yole). “Ambarella’s latest AI Vision SoCs for security, the CV5S and CV52S, are competitive solutions to meet the growing demands of the security integrated circuit industry, which we expect will exceed $ 4 billion in by 2025, two-thirds of which will be chips with AI capabilities. “(1)

The new CV5S SoC family supports multi-imager camera designs and can simultaneously process and encode four imager channels with a resolution of up to 8 MP or 4K, each at 30 frames per second (fps), while performing advanced AI on every 4K imager. These SoCs double encoding resolution and memory bandwidth while consuming 30% less power than the previous generation of Ambarella.

The new CV52S SoC family targets single-sensor security cameras and supports 4K resolution at 60fps, while delivering 4x the AI ​​computer vision performance, 2x the processor performance and 50% more memory bandwidth than its predecessors. This increase in neural network (NN) performance enables more AI processing to be performed at the edge, rather than in the cloud.

“The global security industry is rapidly moving towards higher 4K resolutions while increasing the capabilities of AI algorithms, to achieve better recognition of people and objects, as well as multiple imagers for a wider field of view and longer reach, ”said Jerome Gigot, Senior Director of Marketing. , Ambarella. “Our new CV5S and CV52S security AI vision SoC families respectively support 4K multi-image or high-frame-rate 4K single-image designs with advanced high-performance AI processing, enabling the development of cameras that do not need to compromise between resolution Accuracy of AI processing.

In addition to security, there are many other AIoT applications that can take advantage of the high resolution and advanced AI processing provided by these new SoC families. For example, smart cities can take advantage of cutting-edge AI performance and image resolution for better traffic management, accident detection and automated speed control, as well as rapid vehicle location. missing and stolen. Likewise, smart retail operations can use this resolution and advanced AI to better manage product placement, adjust checkout staff for real-time line management, improve warehouse product tracking, and deliver more actionable insights at the store and enterprise level.

Additional features of the new CV5S and CV52S families include:

  • Robust SDK created specifically for the security camera market
  • CVflow tools compatible with all security families
  • Double arm® 1.6 GHz A76 processors with 1MB L3 memory; 2x performance gain over the previous generation for faster customer applications
  • Enhanced ISP with excellent HDR performance, low light ISO, warping and rotation
  • On-chip privacy masking to block part of the captured scene
  • New PCIe and USB 3.2 interfaces, enabling more complex multi-chip security system designs than the previous generation
  • Robust on-chip cybersecurity hardware to ensure secure IP cameras including secure boot, OTP and Arm TrustZone technology
  • Multiple video inputs, with support for up to 14 cameras using MIPI virtual channels
  • SLVS-EC interface on CV5S for reduced system design complexity
  • Supports LPDDR4x, LPDDR5 and LPDDR5x DRAMs


The CV5S and CV52S SoC families should be available for sampling in October. For more information, contact Ambarella:

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1. Source: Cameras and computers for surveillance and security reporting, Yole Development, 2020

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