Ant Group makes trusted AI solutions more accessible to support industrial collaboration in the digital economy

Shanghai, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ant Group today announced three initiatives to make trusted AI more accessible. This includes making its TuGraph graph processing database open source; launched an industrial-grade AI security testing platform; and unveiling an open, privacy-preserving computing platform. Announced at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence (“WAIC”) in Shanghai, these actions aim to make trusted AI solutions more accessible to enable multi-stakeholder industry collaborations in the digital economy.

A growing number of industries have adopted AI technology at a rapid pace, which has greatly increased the demand for reliable multi-party collaboration solutions and secure, reliable and robust AI systems.

“We believe that privacy-preserving computing, blockchain, graph processing technology, distributed database and green computing are the fundamental technologies for large-scale industrial application of AI in the digital economy. These foundational technologies are key to overcoming the challenges arising from the growing demand for security and trust in multi-party industrial collaboration, the growing need for data storage and power consumption, and the growing complexity of relationship management. between different parties,” said Tao Wei. , Vice President and Director of Technology Security at Ant Group. “Ant Group continuously invests in the research and development of these technologies to facilitate more industry collaborations in the digital economy. .”

As part of the actions, Ant Group has also made TuGraph open source for global developers on Github. TuGraph is one of the key components of the company’s large-scale graphics processing system and was jointly developed by Ant Group and Tsinghua University. Graph processing technology has a wide range of applications, such as risk control, fraud prevention, and knowledge graphs.

TuGraph received the World Leading Internet Scientific and Technology Achievements award in 2021 and broke the throughput record in the audited LDBC Social Network Benchmark (Interactive Workload) results in August 2022.

Ant Group, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (“CAICT”) and Tsinghua University have also launched an industrial-grade AI security testing platform to provide developers with a unique assessment solution ranging from adversarial testing to defense and reinforcements. This platform also helps developers recognize and predict model risks with one click, build safer and more robust AI models, and detect systemic risks in advance. The platform is integrated with independently developed adversary-AI security computing engines, which can improve computing performance dozens of times. Meanwhile, the platform now offers a robustness assessment for global developers with more features planned in the pipeline.

In July 2022, Ant Group made its privacy-preserving computing framework open source. The privacy computing platform released this time provides a one-stop solution for industry users to build privacy computing applications in various use cases, such as medical services, insurance claims, joint marketing, and risk control. It also comes with the added option of building apps without writing a single line of code.

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