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SAN JOSE, Calif., October 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Beachhead Solutions, a provider of encryption, security and data access control for PCs and cloud-managed mobile devices, today released RiskResponder®. The automated sentry provides predetermined responses to any environmental or behavioral risk exceeding acceptable thresholds defined by the company’s IT and security teams. As part of the BeachheadSecure platform, RiskResponder provides easy-to-manage endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities that enable organizations to prepare, customize and execute powerful risk mitigation responses on a list full of potential threat conditions.

All businesses need to protect endpoints against an ever-increasing array of risks. Preventing data breach incidents means enforcing encryption, monitoring employee behavior, meeting industry regulatory and compliance obligations, and controlling access to instantly remove data from harm when a substantial risk is recognized. Organizations also need to deploy these protections transparently, without hampering employee productivity.

To meet these requirements, RiskResponder provides automatic 24/7/365 security to defend all endpoints containing (or able to access) sensitive company or customer data. Using RiskResponder’s intuitive user interface, businesses can easily define automated responses to hack attempts, geographic barrier violations, time-based excesses, network attacks, and attempts to undermine security tools. security. As soon as a threat is detected, RiskResponder instantly and automatically executes predefined actions tailored to the risk. Custom Threat Responses can log active events, alert appropriate personnel to investigate risky activities, run scripts, present device users with dialog alerts, and immediately remove access to a device’s data protected if necessary. RiskResponder enables organizations to implement strict and effective zero trust policies, revoking data access and quarantining all data present, even if the risky device is offline. Customers can just as easily restore data access once the device is no longer in danger.

Specifically, RiskResponder can activate automatic responses to the following risk examples (and others):

  • Invalid login attempts: After a set number of login failures, RiskResponder can send the user a warning dialog alert. Customers can also configure RiskResponder to completely remove access to data, for example after a number of additional login attempts.
  • Malicious devices: BeachheadSecure provides visibility and control over remote data, but what happens when that device becomes malicious? RiskResponder takes automated data defense measures to protect customer data if an organization loses sight of the device.
  • Devices leaving approved geolocations: RiskResponder’s geofencing-enforced security rules allow customers to set warnings for users or remove data access if a device exceeds pre-defined limits, such as their main office or certain home work locations. employees.
  • Attacks via the network: Attackers gain access to target computers via compromised or easily guessed credentials over remote desktop connections, often the result of insecure WiFi. RiskResponder detects and mitigates the threat immediately – before any damage is done.
  • Attempts to undermine integrated security: Insider threats that attempt to bypass security on their devices receive clear dialog alert warnings and their actions are logged. If their actions represent a risk, access to the data is suppressed.


“There’s no easier way for businesses to deploy and customize EDR capabilities than with RiskResponder,” said Cam Roberson, vice president of sales, Beachhead Solutions. “The automated sentinel solution ensures that organizations have full control over what happens the moment a threat event is detected. RiskResponder gives organizations the tools at their disposal to successfully secure their data, regardless of the risks that environmental factors or employee behaviors pose to them. We are excited to include RiskResponder as part of our comprehensive platform for the security of devices and data managed in the cloud.

“The security and integrity of our data is essential and BeachheadSecure gives us the confidence we need in security,” said David Weisong, vice president of information systems at Energy Solutions, a consulting firm. clean energy based in Oakland, California. “On various types of devices in the office and in the field, we instantly control access to data, no matter what. With RiskResponder, we can easily define a pre-programmed and fully personalized plan to know exactly what happens if a device leaves an office, if there are invalid login attempts, or if other potential risks emerge where we want to ensure. device control.

About Beachhead Solutions

Beachhead Solutions delivers industry-leading data security to businesses with BeachheadSecure ™, the only web security platform capable of enforcing encryption and security policy. BeachheadSecure offers a multi-faceted approach, including remote data erasure and risky data access control, to protect sensitive business data on Windows and Mac PCs, iOS phones and tablets and Android and USB storage devices. BeachheadSecure is transparent to the user and easily administered through a single, unified management console.

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