Best Free Security Downloads for Your Windows and Mac

Surfing the Internet without protection is like stepping into a monsoon without an umbrella, boots or raincoat. You will find yourself in a huge mess and could be swept away by the storm of hackers and scammers. Protecting yourself is as easy as scrolling through this list of the best free security downloads.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to protect your computer from viruses, cyberattacks, and other threats. We’ve got you covered if you’re unfamiliar with how cybersecurity threats work. Tap or click for a quick breakdown of the five most common digital threats you’ll encounter.

There are many ways to protect your devices from damage. You can take preventive measures like security software or scan your system for malware. Keep reading to find out the best ways to protect your devices, without spending a dime.

1. Spot unwanted devices on your network with Angry IP Scanner

What it is: Angry IP Scanner keeps track of everything connected to your network. It scans your network for IP addresses and other information about devices connected to your network.

Why do you want it: It is useful for solving technical problems and catch hackers as it identifies unknown or suspicious devices on your network. Having trouble connecting a device to your network? Angry IP Scanner can show the exact IP address of specific devices, which will help you to solve the problem.

What do you want to know: For Angry IP Scanner to work, you must have Java installed.

2. GlassWire checks your network

What it is: Free firewall software that detects malware from people trying to access your computer remotely.

Why do you want it: You can use GlassWire to disable apps infected with malware. Even better, it can prevent you from downloading a virus in the first place. These free firewalls make your computer more secure, especially when using the Internet.

Do you have a Mac instead? This is one of the best free security downloads for you

Just check Netdatawhich you can use on macOS and Linux.

This is our favorite glassware alternative for Apple users. Use it to quickly monitor your network infrastructure. Overall, it’s a great troubleshooting solution that provides thousands of real-time metrics. Simply put, it allows you to monitor your network and see how healthy your system is.

There’s just one caveat: you need to create an account and log in before you can download NetData.

3. Use TeamViewer for remote IT support

What it is: This remote access software allows you to connect to any PC or server. You can control computers remotely or, on the contrary, someone can control your computer remotely. This is incredibly useful for computer and troubleshooting solutions.

Why do you want it: You may not be tech-savvy, but a friend is. You can ask them to monitor your computer and fix technical issues through Team Viewer. Or maybe you’re tech-savvy but find it hard to talk to your friend about their tech issues. You both need to download this program so that you can control your computers remotely and fix the problem.

What do you want to know: Use only with someone you know and trust. Cybercriminals can use tools like this. Crooks often trick you into downloading programs like this so they can take control of your computer. Use this tool wisely – if you let a stranger use it, they might infect your device with malware.

Don’t miss more of the best free security downloads

You can also use Chrome Remote Desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop to remotely control your computer. They are not intended to solve technical problems, but they are still useful. Tap or click here to securely access and control your computer through your phone.

4. Need to send personal documents by e-mail? Use 7Zip to stay safe

What it is: This file compression software allows you to consolidate large files before sending them.

Why do you want it: Sometimes you need to share very sensitive documents via email. Use 7Zip to compress your important files into a encrypted folder you can protect with password. This way, hackers who break into your email cannot open folders and steal important documents.

What do you want to know: Download it only from its official website. You might get in-built mimicry with malware if you download it from an unauthorized source. Click the yellow button below to download it safely.

5. Secure sites quickly with HTTPS Everywhere

What it is: This browser extension automatically switches insecure HTTP sites to HTTPS, which is much more secure. (In fact, the “S” stands for secure!) It encrypts the content of a website.

Why do you want it: Its encryption makes it harder for hackers and advertisers to track you. This means that HTTPS Everywhere will protect you against many forms of account surveillance and hijacking and some forms of censorship.

What do you want to know: Sometimes a website will say it is secure until you log in. Then the protection falls. Unfortunately, you cannot trust websites to have your best interests at heart. Luckily, HTTPS Everywhere is there for you once you download it to your browser. It is available for mobile devices and several desktop browsers:

6. Stop creeps from tracking what you type with GhostPress

What it is: Ghostpress is an anti-keylogging software that prevents malware from capturing your key presses. It also prevents hackers from taking screenshots of your computer.

Why do you want it: Ghostpress will prevent invasive keylogging programs from monitoring what you type in real time. It also prevents keyloggers from sending your keystrokes to hackers, which is how cybercriminals steal passwords.

What do you want to know: This program is quite lightweight. It runs in the background while you type and blocks anyone trying to register your keystrokes.

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So you’ve just found some of the most useful cybersecurity free downloads of 2022. If you’re craving more freebies, we don’t blame you. Here are some helpful resources worth checking out.

Of course, these are not security downloads. But it can be dangerous to go out and get things without knowing what is safe to use. Scammers often buy the top spots in Google search to trick you into downloading malware.

Here are some good tools to check out. Better yet, they are as free as the sun.

  • Audacity: This free audio editing program helps you create podcasts, songs and more. It’s not as robust as Adobe Audition, but it gets the job done.
  • thunderbird: Use it to get a free email client.
  • free office: We love this free alternative to Microsoft Office. It meets all your productivity needs. Here’s how it can revolutionize your professional life.
  • Blender: Do you want to develop your artistic skills? Use Blender for free 3D modeling. It is ideal for animators, designers and scientists.
  • Caliber: This e-book manager is a lifesaver for those who have too many files in their hands. It converts different files, which helps you when you have files that don’t work on your Kindle or other tools.

Here at Komando HQ, the only thing we love more than sharing tech tips is sharing goodies. Unfortunately, there may be time limits on the best gifts. Don’t waste time: Grab these 10 tech freebies while you still can.

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