British start-up Robo Shadow launches free cybersecurity platform


UK cybersecurity start-up Robo Shadow has launched its first set of products as it tries to tackle the big guns in cybersecurity.

The platform offers a range of features, including vulnerability scanning, hardware and software reporting for all your devices, Windows Defender reporting centrally (removing the need for third-party antivirus) and much more. Moreover.

The Robo Shadow Cyber ​​Platform is effectively an attack surface management platform aimed at helping organizations quickly understand their cyber attack surface. This is how people can “see what hackers see” when planning their attacks. The easy-to-use platform will also provide all the useful tips for eliminating vulnerabilities discovered by penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. This cutting-edge software has a straightforward approach to how cyber information is viewed and digested by users, supported by an extensive AI-powered cloud backend.

Currently, the initial offering includes everything from vulnerability scanners to Windows Defender agents and Office 365 integration. Future versions of the platform will include Google, Microsoft and Amazon Cloud Integration, Mac cyber agents and Linux and an array of technologies that enable organizations to manage their cyber attack surface and provide a daily Sec Ops aspect to their business.

Terry Lewis, CEO and prolific technology investor
We want to democratize Cyber ​​Security, removing the cost and complexity.

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