CDNetworks Unveils New Low Latency Streaming Solution

CDN networksa global leader in CDN, edge computing and cloud security, announced a new WebRTC low latency streaming solution which offers high compatibility and ultra-fast transmission speed, reducing latency to less than 500 milliseconds.

The new solution builds on the breakthrough benefits of the most popular peer-to-peer communication protocol – Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) – to achieve near-instantaneous streaming while breaking its limitations to improve quality and audio and video support. It also transforms the way global audiences experience live broadcasts and empowers content producers across industries to create highly immersive and interactive real-time video at scale.

CDNetworks Low Latency Streaming Highlights:

CDNetworks optimizes standard WebRTC and upgrades the traditional CDN network architecture to reduce latency to less than 500ms, eliminating the multi-second latency issues that impeded innovation and business opportunities for content-dependent businesses live.

With its powerful distribution capability enabled by more than 2800 PoPs (Points of Presence) across the globe, CDNetworks’ media platform guarantees high compatibility and supports all traditional live streaming features, including transcoding, recording and watermarking. (Software Development Kits) stream mining support makes solution deployment cheaper and easier than ever. CDNetworks provides SDKs for Android, IOS and H5 to meet various end user needs. CDNetworks also provides a proxy version SDK that allows users to use their own players or third-party players to provide a time-synchronized streaming experience without the need for additional modifications.

The Covid-19 outbreak has given rise to a growing demand for streaming services. This comes with higher expectations from content providers looking to create a seamless platform for wider audiences and viewers who are increasingly showing less tolerant attitudes towards poor video quality and jerky reading. Targeting the weak spots of traditional streaming technology, CDNetworks’ low latency streaming solution promises ultra-low latency, high scalability and low cost, opening up a new future for them that was previously considered impossible.

With this new milestone, CDNetworks will continue to explore technology that enables interactive live streaming to achieve lower latency and increased reliability. Leveraging its unparalleled global resources and industry-leading streaming technology, CDNetworks is also committed to improving the stability and security of media acceleration technologies for VoD services. Backed by its industry-leading innovations in live streaming and VoD, CDNetworks aims to bring next-generation multimedia solutions to businesses around the world.e.

Doyle Deng, Head of Product Management at CDNetworks
Our 20 years of expertise in multimedia acceleration technologies has resulted in the launch of this new solution which is integrated with a plethora of upgrades to unlock the potential of the WebRTC protocol. We’ve optimized the standard WebRTC by adding support for AAC, H.265, and B frames to further reduce latency and ensure seamless playback. We’ve solved the problem of higher handshake times and transmission bandwidth caused by DTLS encryption, and provided CDNetworks’ proprietary security policies that reduce transmission consumption and latency, meaning the audience can enjoy a super-fast, secure and super-reliable viewing experience.

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