Cegeka launches its C-SOR2C cybersecurity solution

European IT company Cegeka has expanded its cybersecurity services with the introduction of its latest solution, the C-SOR2C (Cyber ​​Security Operations and Response Center). C-SOR2C covers all activities related to the monitoring, detection and response to cybersecurity incidents. The launch was announced by Cegeka during the Forum Cybersec Europe 2022.

The importance of cybersecurity can no longer be ignored, and this is true for businesses large and small in all industries.

“Several years ago, our primary focus was on monitoring IT environments and preventing and detecting security incidents. In 2022, as a provider of cybersecurity services, we increasingly need to act as a “response center” for our customers in order to help them quickly in the event of potential security problems”, says Stijn Bijnens , CEO of Cegeka.

Fabrice Wynants, Security Director of Cegeka, explains the meaning of the name C-SOR2C: “A modern SOC should be response driven and that is why we made a conscious decision to rename our Security Operations Center C-SOR.2C. The “R” stands for “response” and also “recovery”. The combination of “response” and “recovery” reflects our goal of helping businesses become more resilient. »

C-DOR2It is a response to the convergence of IT and security operations

“When we developed the first European SOC services around 25 years ago, they were built with the aim of monitoring the IT infrastructure, which was then a limited and closed space. 25 years later, it is clear that modern cybersecurity is no longer an add-on but rather an integral part of any company’s IT operations,” says Stijn Bijnens. “As an end-to-end IT solution provider, we are well aware that IT and security management activities are experiencing strong convergence. Security has implicitly become an integral part of everyday software, cloud, workplace, networking, and other technologies, broadening the spectrum of a SOC.

C-DOR2C provides advanced and customer-focused cybersecurity services

By automating detection, analysis and response as much as possible, our cybersecurity experts can devote 100% of their time to specialized activities such as threat hunting, advanced incident response, purple teaming, medical investigation -legal… but also to advise Cegeka customers on how to increase their cyber-resilience. Using incident response playbooks for detection and response services also ensures that incident response is better aligned with customer needs.

Cegeka has access to an exceptionally wide range of IT skills and expertise to support its customers with a personalized approach to potential recovery from a cybersecurity incident. “We are an end-to-end solution provider that includes an end-to-end security approach. Cyber ​​Security Response & Recovery requires deep IT skills which Cegeka easily possesses. Our 360° approach allows us to support organizations in their roadmap towards cyber resilience”, specifies Fabrice Wynants.

Cegeka provides its C-SOR2C from its own dual-hosted Security Operations & Response Centers based in Belgium (Hasselt) and Romania (Bucharest). Cegeka’s investments in multi-domain cybersecurity experts, integration of high-quality threat intelligence sources, process automation and advanced analytics ensure faster detection and highly responsive incident response and recovery. efficient.

“Cegeka Romania becomes a complete end-to-end cybersecurity solution provider with this new concept, the C-SOR2C cybersecurity solution, demonstrating our continued commitment to helping local businesses achieve their cyber resilience goals. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with a personalized response and recovery experience in the event of a cyberattack, no matter how complex,” said Daniel Ciobanu, Business Unit Manager Cybersecurity at Cegeka Romania.

Cegeka has a clear ambition to continue its growth in the field of cybersecurity

Cegeka has clearly expressed the ambition to become one of the top three players in the field of cybersecurity in the Benelux by the end of 2022.

“Cybersecurity is and will remain a key area at the strategic level within Cegeka. It has become one of the main requirements of our customers to continue to operate and grow in a changing digital world. Due to the increasing complexity of cybersecurity and the legislation surrounding it, more and more companies are turning to Cegeka to help them reassure themselves in this area,” says Stijn Bijnens.

Cegeka’s cybersecurity team continues to grow strongly and is one of the fastest growing divisions within the Cegeka Group. With the acquisition of SecurIT in November 2022, Cegeka has already strengthened its expertise and services in the field of identity and access management. Due to its continuous growth, Cegeka continues to recruit cybersecurity experts while offering young and motivated employees the opportunity to build a promising career in the field of cybersecurity.

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