Cementir Group launches AALBORG INBIND™ in Europe

Cementir Group has launched a new binder product for high performance mortar and concrete applications in Europe, AALBORG INBIND™, which is a durable premixed white cementitious product, based on FUTURECEM® patented technology, within InWhite® Solutions.

“We are proud to accelerate the use of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) technology by launching a new binder solution, INBIND™, which is a valuable addition to our existing range. The scaling up of UHPLC technology mainly depends on the stable supply of SCM materials. Furthermore, the specific needs of local projects have led precasters to look for their own UHPC using local aggregates and chemical additives. The development of UHPC is, indeed, complex, time-consuming with a high cost of trial and error, requiring a large amount of SCM materials which are often rare. INBIND™ is designed to meet market needs by providing a flexible and user-friendly binding solution that optimizes costs by taking advantage of locally available materials,” said Michele Di Marino, Group Sales, Marketing and Business Development Director.

INBIND allows precasters to have a sustainable supply of quality products thanks to the patented FUTURECEM technology which relies on the main constituents of limestone and calcined clays, without being constrained by the availability and quality of by-products from other industries, mainly slag and fly ash.

INBIND is a reliable binder solution for UHPFRC thanks to its predictable performance with fully documented properties, Cementir claims. It is an effective support for producers of precast elements to easily formulate their desired UHPC and quickly seize project opportunities, optimizing costs.

“As part of our rapid prototyping and pre-launch phases, INBIND™ has been tested by selected customers. Key co-design steps were to optimize the aggregate packing, set the water to binder ratio at 0.25 MPa and adjust the superplasticizer dosage to achieve a self-leveling material,” according to the company.

We are also excited about our next phase of innovation, as our AALBORG RECOVER™ UHPC bridge covering product is in the trial phase and will be available for infrastructure applications by the end of 2022,” added Mr. Di Marino.

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