Cyber ​​security expert denounces Facebook outage, calling it a misconfiguration


Would you like to dump Facebook?

The whistleblower claims and Monday’s blackout leave some people with serious doubts about the social media giant.

Despite the outage, the question remains, should you be concerned about your personal data?

We spoke with a cyber expert on this subject.

A cybersecurity expert from Mercyhurst University tells us that this outage has nothing to do with a cyberattack or even hackers. This expert tells us that it was a simple connection error.

Millions of people around the world casually browsed their Facebook and other social media platforms that Facebook owns.

Suddenly these platforms were gone for hours, leaving a lot of people scratching their heads.

“People shouldn’t be worried about this because this outage was caused by a misconfiguration more than anything else. So everyone’s data is safe. I just lost access to the service, that’s all, ”said Christopher Mansour, assistant professor of cybersecurity at Mercyhurst University.

The question is, what really caused the outage?

“The backbone of the Internet is made up of routers that connect all of these data centers together, and in doing this setup they made a simple mistake that is simple, but unfortunately led to this outage,” Mansour said. .

Mansour’s cyber student said we have to trust the experts.

“We just have to trust them to solve these problems and trust them that our data is protected and none of this looks like something that will hurt us personally,” said Alexis Lovewell, junior at Mercyhurst University.

Others say they are not too concerned about the loss of their personal data.

“A little bit, but really with Facebook it’s nothing for me you know. I can talk to my family and friends, ”said Theresa Vandyke, resident.

“I would tell people that the data you have on Facebook is good. It hasn’t been breached, still accessible by Facebook, still analyzed because they own your data, but there was no leak or anything like that, ”Mansour said.

Mansour has stated that from now on, your personal data that you have on these platforms is not disclosed. Again, this was not a cyberattack, it was a simple misconfiguration.

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