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MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) – If you use Facebook or any of its apps, you may have been in the dark for the second time this week.

Another outage hit Facebook users early Friday afternoon, but it didn’t last as long as Monday’s that kept users offline for around five hours.

Facebook took to Twitter this afternoon to apologize for today’s problems.

And while it doesn’t appear that the outages were due to a hack, the possibility of a hack should remind us all that the information we share online is vulnerable.

And for some, the Facebook outages on Monday and Friday were more than an inconvenience.

“Some people can use it, and when it breaks down, they can walk away from it,” Dr. Michael Black said. “There are other people who can literally freak out about this. Why is it down? Why can’t I see my friends? I can’t communicate. They depend on it to communicate. They depend on it to communicate. ‘other daily activities to do things. “

Black, who teaches at the University of Southern Alabama, also does research in cybersecurity and digital forensics. He says fallout from the blackouts could cause people to rethink their addiction to social media.

“I think for a lot of people it could be confidence,” Black said. “As to whether the service will be available or not. How do I know he will be there? What will be its availability? When I need it, can I access it? ”

This sentiment is shared by Brandon Nero, who uses Facebook heavily as a supply chain manager. But he’s also worried about safety.

“How secure is the information I have?” Nero asked. “Which makes me wonder if I should withdraw from what is my primary means of communication.”

So what can you do if you are unsure whether your information is kept private?

Experts recommend changing your passwords on social networks and on accounts linked to your Facebook page

Also be on the lookout for fake accounts.

Be aware of phishing attacks from criminals. It can be a message or a link to a website.

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