CyCognito partners with Intel 471 to strengthen cybersecurity postures for corporate customers


CyCognito has announced the creation of a new alliance with Intel 471, a leading provider of cybercrime intelligence.

CyCognito fills a fundamental security gap created when organizations use the Internet to create IT ecosystems that span on-premises, cloud, partner and branch office environments. By licensing the threat intelligence collected by Intel 471, CyCognito further enables enterprise customers to strengthen their cybersecurity postures through proactive detection and containment of targeted and advanced threats.

“CyCognito is committed to helping organizations prevent breaches by providing them with unprecedented attack surface visibility, data exposure and risk detection on previously unknown and unmanaged assets,” said Rob Gurzeev, CEO and co-founder of CyCognito. “Our partnership with Intel 471 extends these capabilities, giving us the ability to provide our customers and partners with new and emerging cyber threat data and insights that are both richer and more relevant to their businesses. This in turn will help them personalize their cyber defenses and improve their ability to identify and successfully manage cyber risks within their organizations.

Intel 471 CEO Mark Arena says, “As we’ve seen, organizations often find themselves lagging behind threat attacks and victims of cyber attacks, regardless of proper preparedness and defenses. This alliance between Intel 471 and CyCognito will provide organizations around the world with threat intelligence to fight sophisticated cybercriminals by identifying, prioritizing and preventing attacks before they happen.


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