Enterprise Biometric Solution Combines Nymi’s L + R and Wearable Access Control Technology

A bracelet for password-less physical and logical biometric access control has been jointly developed by Giesecke + Devrient (G + D) and Nymi to unify the operations of the company.

Workers use the Nymi Band’s fingerprint and heartbeat biometrics to authenticate with the Nymi Connected Worker Platform, without a centralized biometric database. G + D’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) applet ensures interoperability with corporate assets.

Long-standing partners say wearable biometrics can support integrations that comply with privacy-by-design and zero-trust frameworks.

“We are confronted daily with vulnerabilities in organizations based on password-activated perimeters, in the public and private sectors,” said Chris Sullivan, CEO of Nymi. “This is why the collective shift to passwordless systems is inevitable. Biometrics is the most powerful security protocol available to us. However, it is clear that the loss of biometric identifiers would have far more serious consequences than the loss of a password, and therefore the integrity of biometric solutions is a top priority for organizations across all industries.

The Nymi Band 3.0 was certified as a FIDO2 passwordless authenticator earlier this year.

“Managing the security of sensitive areas of the company takes a lot of time, financial and human resources every year,” said Dr Ferdinand Burianek, Head of Security in the public sector, transport and companies at G + D. “The use of biometric data stored on a secure element itself can open up whole new possibilities here. After all, knowing how and where sensitive data and applications are stored is crucial. Beyond user control over their biometric data at all times, our solution also guarantees a combination of excellent user experience and high security.

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