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Fivetran recently announced the launch from Fivetran Business Critical, a new level of product that includes a suite of enterprise security features. The new version allows customers to build a more secure data stack on Snowflake or Amazon Web Services that meets internal and regulatory compliance. Product functionality is also aligned with the Snowflake Business Critical plan. Fivetran connects to customer source and / or destination databases hosted in AWS without routing the data over the public Internet.

Fivetran offers a data replication platform with standardized schemas. The product requires no coding or maintenance, and the prefabricated connectors automatically adapt to schematic changes. Pipelines can be set up in as little as five minutes by authenticating your sources and your data warehouse. Users can also trigger automated transformations through a modern, scalable IT infrastructure without configuration.

Fivetran Business Critical enables the platform to replicate on-premises data sources to the cloud data platform destination through AWS Direct Connect. It also allows you to migrate on-premises databases to a cloud data platform while ensuring compliance. Cinqtran Business Critical uses a customer managed Key Management System (KMS) to store the encryption keys that Fivetran uses to encrypt credentials and temporary data processed in the service. Users can also select the geography and geographic region of the cloud provider (on AWS).

In a media statement on the news, Fivetran Vice President of Product, Fraser Harris said, “Companies across all industries continue to look to Fivetran for fast and reliable access to their data. Businesses across industries continue to look to Fivetran for fast and reliable access to their data. Data security is a crucial part of this reliability and increasingly critical as more businesses migrate entirely to the cloud. We are proud to offer Fivetran Business Critical to help our customers protect their data and manage a myriad of security requirements, while reducing the complexity of their modern data stack.

Read Introducing the Industry’s Most Secure Cloud Data Integration Platform on the company’s blog for more information.

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