Fix Discord Console Log Errors on Windows 11/10 Computer



When playing on your PC, you may encounter errors with the Discord app – and the only way to troubleshoot is to start digging into the console log. In this article, we take a look at the console log errors, their meaning, and the respective solutions.

Resolve Discord Console Log Errors

We will explore this topic under the following subtitles.

Opening the Discord console

To open the console on your Windows 11/10 PC, follow these steps:

  1. hurry Ctrl + Shift + I keyboard shortcut to open developer tools.
  2. Click it Console tab.

To open the console on your Mac computer, follow these steps:

  1. hurry + ⌘ + I.
  2. Click it Console tab.

Now, once you have successfully opened the console, you can look for the red error messages.

Discord errors and their meaning

Here are some of the different errors you might see, their meaning, and the applicable solution (s).

Discord proxy errors

You will get the error message below when you encounter proxy errors on Discord:


You will encounter this error because Discord does not work with proxies. In this case, be sure to disable all proxies. If you haven’t enabled proxies, it is suggested that you run a full system virus scan with Windows Defender or other reputable third-party antivirus product.

Discord connection errors

You will get one of the error messages below when you encounter connection errors on Discord. Each of these errors can be resolved in the same way:






When you encounter any of these Discord connection errors, you can try the following to resolve the issue.

  1. Run a full system AV scan with Windows Defender or other reputable third-party AV product.
  2. Set your DNS to Google Public DNS.
  3. Refresh and renew the IP address on your Windows 11/10 gaming PC.

To refresh and renew the IP address on your Mac computer, follow these steps:

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Open Network.
  • Select your network connection.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Select the TCP / IP tongue.
  • Click on Renew the DHCP lease.
  • Exit from System Preferences.

Errors loading resources on Discord

You’re more likely to experience errors uploading items to Discord if your icons, avatars, or images aren’t uploading. When this happens, you will receive the error message below:

Status of 404

This is usually caused by something blocking Discord in some way. To resolve the issue, try the following:

1]Temporarily disable or add Discord to your whitelist in your antivirus or firewall.

You can turn off Microsoft Defender. If you have installed a third-party antivirus / firewall, refer to the instruction manual – usually, to disable your antivirus software, locate its icon in the notification area or in the system tray of the taskbar (usually in the lower right corner of the desk). Right click on the icon and choose the option to disable or quit the program.

2]Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Hope you find our guide on how to fix Discord Console Log errors on Windows 11/10 useful!

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