Forza Horizon 4 crashes on Windows 11/10 PC



Some Windows users report that they cannot play Forza Horizon 4, they complain that the game is crashing. If you are also facing this issue, follow this article to resolve the issue on Windows 11/10.

Why is Forza Horizon 4 crashing on my computer?

First of all, the problem is reported by many users with incompatible computer. So you need to check the system requirements mentioned in this article below and see if yours are compatible. Other than that, an outdated graphics driver is another reason for this error. Usually they are updated with Windows Update, but sometimes you have to do it yourself.

We have talked about all the reasons and all the potential solutions in this article. So be sure to read it carefully to start playing again

Fixed Forza Horizon 4 crash on Windows 11/10

If Forza Horizon 4 crashes or hangs on a Windows 11/10 PC, follow these suggestions to resolve the issue:

  1. Update your graphics driver
  2. Install the latest game patch
  3. Close all background apps
  4. Authorize Forza via antivirus
  5. Do not overclock
  6. Reinstall the game

Let’s talk about it in detail.

1]Update your graphics driver

First, update your graphics driver. Outdated graphics driver or display driver can cause a lot of issues like game crash, black screen, etc. So install the latest version of the graphics driver and check if the problem persists.

2]Install the latest game patch

If the problem persists, you need to update to the latest game patch and make sure your game is up to date. If you recently updated the game, you can skip this step as you might not find any new game fixes.

3]Close all background applications

Since Forza is a demanding game, you need to make sure that no apps are running in the background when you start playing. You must also open Task Manager and close all running processes.

4]Authorize Forza via Antivirus

Sometimes a third-party antivirus can prevent your game from running on the computer. Therefore, you need to authorize the game through your antivirus and see if the problem persists.

5]Do not overclock

Many gamers, in order to get more FPS, tend to overclock their CPUs and GPUs. It can overcook your computer and due to the heat your game may crash.

So you need to reset your CPU and / or GPU to their default configuration and then try to launch the game. Hopefully it will work on your computer this time.

6]Reinstall the game

If nothing works, this should be your last resort. This is especially useful if your game is corrupted. So, uninstall Forza and then reinstall it from their official site. Then you will be good to go.

Hope you can solve the problem with the given solutions.

System Requirements To Run Forza Horizon 4

Here’s what you need to run Forza Horizon 4.

  • Operating system: Windows 11/10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i3-4170 @ 3.7 Ghz or equivalent (minimum), Intel i7-3820 @ 3.6 Ghz or equivalent (recommended).
  • Memory: 8 GB (minimum), 12 GB (recommended).
  • Graphic: NVidia 650TI OR AMD R7 250x (Minimum), NVIDIA GTX 970 OR NVidia GTX 1060 3 GB OR AMD R9 290x OR AMD RX 470 (Recommended).
  • DirectX: Version 12.

That’s it!

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Forza Horizon 4 crashes on Windows 11/10


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