Home security cameras and their use in investigations

VESTAL (WBNG) – Home security units have played a key role in personal safety, but also in investigations.

“Just having or appearing to have an obvious system could deter someone from trying to break into your home,” said Lt. Christopher Streno of the Vestal Police Department.

As it becomes cheaper and more accessible, many homeowners are turning to home security units to protect their family and property.

“There are a lot of upsides,” Streno said. “If you have a remote system that you can view on a device like your phone or computer, you can get real-time information about what’s going on in your residents’ homes, both inside and outside. the outside. After the fact, if there were to be a break-in or any type of activity that you needed to reference or the police needed to see, then you have actual physical evidence.

Lt. Streno said home cameras should record on a cloud-based system to avoid any possible tampering with evidence.

However, these units go beyond home security. Personal cameras attached to homes, cars and businesses help law enforcement make the connection.

“We’re looking at the doorbell camera and outdoor video that’s miles from the scene, but we’re still helping to put together a timeline that shows when the suspects might have been in the area, what vehicle they might be driving or the clothes they might wear,” said Stréno.

While cameras are helpful, Streno said cameras aren’t the ultimate solution.

“Nothing is better than good old-fashioned physical security – good locks, good windows, good lighting, environmental designs – as the area around your well-appointed and well-lit home is also a way to Even having a dog can be a deterrent,” he said.

Some insurance companies also offer discounted home insurance for families who have this type of security in place.

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