How does Norton 360 for gamers protect your device?


Norton 360 for Gamers is a version of the Norton 360 security suite aimed specifically at gamers, you guessed it!

But if all you do is play games from the comfort of your own home, why would you need an antivirus tool? In this article, we detail exactly how Norton 360 for Gamers helps protect your PC and what additional defenses are present for gamers in particular.

Basic virus protection

Norton 360 for Gamers gives you the same basic malware defenses as the Norton 360 Vanilla Internet Security Suite. To be precise, you get everything Norton 360 Deluxe subscribers get, plus gaming extras including we will talk about in the next section.

This includes real-time protection to prevent malware from entering your PC, on-demand scans, heuristics to detect newly released threats, and dedicated anti-ransomware technology. As we found in our full Norton Antivirus review, these combine to provide a very solid base level of protection.

Norton 360 for gamers

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Norton puts its antivirus money where it is, with the company’s “Virus Protection Promise” that gives the customer their money back if a device is hit with malware that Norton experts can’t remove.

Additional protection is provided by high quality URL filtering to keep your web browsing safe, and Norton is also implementing a smart firewall. The latter is a very informative firewall that can help you make decisions about unreliable programs that are trying to use your Internet connection – it’s a pleasantly cool and useful approach to running the firewall.

So those are the main defenses, but Norton 360 for gamers also offers the security suite extras found in Norton 360 Deluxe. This includes a backup installation with 50GB of cloud storage space, which could come in very handy if things go wrong (always back up your important files, no matter how confident you are in the security of your PC) . There is also a password manager and webcam protection.

Another cool feature is a built-in VPN, which is far from standard with security suites. To be precise, this is Norton Secure VPN and while it can be a relatively basic VPN service, it’s pretty solid and a great bundle inclusion that adds to the value proposition here.

Using a VPN for gaming helps protect your privacy and anonymity online, along with other benefits such as geo-blocking. This allows you, for example, to broadcast content that you would not otherwise have been able to access. A VPN can also help you avoid DDoS attacks, which can target you to block your internet connection and ruin an online gaming session.

DDoS attack alert displayed on a screen

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Dark Web Watch monitors all of your personal information or data involved in a data breach, as knowing something has been spilled online can allow you to react quickly and keep your accounts secure.

Finally, those with children will appreciate the parental control system. This is a great package to keep kids safe when they are online, with all kinds of content filtering and the ability to set time limits for using the device, as well as features. In-depth location tracking to keep tabs on your offspring not only online but in the real world via GPS as well.

Play candy

In addition to all of the above, Norton 360 for gamers offers a number of extras specifically aimed at those who enjoy PC gaming. We’ve already touched on the Dark Web Watch feature, which along with the game suite is extended to also cover player beacons and accounts, helping to protect them from exploits of malicious types that might encounter your leaked information.

Gamers running Windows also benefit from fewer notifications from Norton, with the suite being able to detect when you’re running full screen apps like games, only interrupting you if something critical happens, like your PC is actively under attack. .

However, the biggest gaming related feature is the game optimizer. This allows Norton 360 for Gamers to intelligently allocate CPU resources to the game you are playing on Windows for better performance.

The caveat is that this doesn’t work with all games, but does support titles that run through the Epic Games Store and Steam, as well as game launchers from Bethesda, Blizzard, EA (Origin), Rockstar, and Ubisoft (Uplay ). And keep in mind that you’ll need a quad-core processor to use this feature, but most gamers these days will have one in their gaming PC.

Norton 360 for gamers

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How does Norton 360 for gamers protect your device?

As we have seen, Norton 360 for gamers offers a whole range of protections. From its core anti-malware measures (and specialized ransomware and web protection), to security features like a smart firewall and built-in VPN.

This VPN can help defend against DDoS attacks targeting gamers (or even the terrible practice of “swatting”, which tries to summon a SWAT team or similar tactical response unit under false pretenses), and the Dark Web. Monitoring is a big plus for keeping all of your gaming accounts more secure.

Overall, Norton 360 for gamers offers a commendable level of all-round protection and a few nifty gaming-related extras for Windows users, especially since Norton claims that its optimizer feature can help some games run smoothly. run faster.

It’s worth considering as a security package for gaming enthusiasts, with the main tradeoff over Norton 360 Deluxe being that Norton 360 for Gamers only supports three devices, instead of five. The two deals are usually offered around the same price, and at the time of writing, Norton 360 for gamers is a bit cheaper.

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