How to Create a Free Logo with VistaCreate: 7 Simple Steps


Are you looking for a professional logo that could increase your brand value? VistaCreate Logo Maker is here to save the day.

Whether you are a social media enthusiast, a hard worker, or a business owner, you have brand value. A logo differentiates your brand from the crowd; it establishes the brand identity and draws more attention to what you do.

Many brands hire expensive graphic designers for logos. But if you’re not ready to pay and still want a stunning logo, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to create a free logo using VistaCreate. And you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do this.

To start

Whether you are a graphic designer or not, there are a few basics you should follow before you start designing your logo. Consider the following:

  • Design a logo that is eye-catching enough that your audience will think of you or your brand at first sight of the logo.

  • If you are a social media influencer, get inspiration from other reputable influencers.

  • If you’re a business owner or self-employed, check out relevant brands for inspiration.

  • Make sure the design is memorable, appropriate, versatile, simple, and timeless.

  • Choose a color scheme to suit your hobby or job. For example, blue represents knowledge and trust, which makes it the perfect choice for real estate, healthcare, finance, or internet security.

  • It is also a good idea to organize your creative thoughts using an idea describing app.

That’s it! You are now ready to create your logo.


1. Choose a model

A fantastic feature of VistaCreate is the template library of over 700 professional and impressive logos. You can simply select a logo that matches your idea and brand and start modifying it on the VistaCreate countertop.

The standard size for sample logos on VistaCreate is 500×500 pixels. However, you can resize your logo file on the artboard when you edit the design elements.

Here’s how to access the extensive logo templates in this online graphic design tool:

  1. After creating a free VistaCreate account, go to the Home page.

  2. Click on the Templates menu in the top panel.

  3. In the sidebar, click Promotional material.

  4. You should see the Logo option. Click on it for ready-to-use logo templates.

2. Customize the fonts

Whether you’re creating a logo from scratch or using a template, it’s crucial that you customize the fonts. In most cases, you might not find a template with the fonts you want on your brand’s logo.

The VistaCreate worktop comes with many fonts and text styles. You are free to use them for personal or commercial projects. You can also upload your own fonts if you don’t like the ones already there.

Here’s how to customize the text font and style:

  1. After selecting your model, you will see a left menu on the artboard. This menu allows you to add various design elements to your project. Click on Text.

  2. You will see two sections, namely fashions and My fonts. Continue to scroll the Text styles list until you find something you’re looking for.

  3. Click on the name of the existing font to open the Fonts menu. Once you have selected a font, the changes will automatically take effect.

  4. To upload your own fonts, click My fonts then select Download fonts.

3. Personalization of logo content

There are many possibilities for customization in the VistaCreate worktop. You can change the color scheme, text, background, etc. You can also enhance the template by adding your own photos, new text style blocks, shapes and illustrations.

Follow these steps for design improvement:

  1. Click on the Background option to access a list of images. You can scroll down to find more background images. Select one to apply.

  2. To upload any photo from your computer, drag and drop an image onto the artboard. Change the size and place it where you want.

  3. Click on the Objects menu and type in the type of illustration you want. Select the artwork and resize it before placing it.

4. Adding objects to the logo

If you are using a logo template, you might not need to add any object or shape to the logo design. But if you are designing one from scratch, you must know how to add objects that will make your logo even more impressive.

Here’s how to find cool objects on the VistaCreate countertop:

  1. Access Objects menu. You will see many types of shapes, illustrations, and objects.

  2. In the Find objects field, enter the subject you are looking for and press Enter.

  3. Choose any object from this list or scroll down to see more creative artwork.

5. Use of archive images

Stock images are a great resource when you don’t have access to real visuals of your products or services. The VistaCreate Image Library has an extensive collection of stock images. You can use these royalty-free images in any commercial project.

There are two types of stock images on VistaCreate, namely To free and Pro. You can use archive images from the Pro section if you purchase a paid plan.

You can change the stock image after adding it to your logo design by adding color filters, borders, changing transparency, overlaying images, etc.

6. Use branded kits

VistaCreate branded kits let you customize your designs quickly and efficiently. You can store your brand-specific assets on the countertop for future use. This way, you don’t waste time researching your brand’s assets.

The Brand Kits The section is more of an organizer for your design assets. It allows you to save color palettes, text styles, and logos as brand assets. You can also add multiple sets of brand assets under different brand kit names.

7. Resize and upload your logo

Once you are done creating your masterpiece, you can easily resize the logo as well as other graphic design projects on VistaCreate.

To resize an existing logo, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Resize in the top menu of the worktop.

  2. You can choose any size depending on the category and niche. For a custom size, click Define dimensions.

  3. You can enter the width and the size in units such as pixels, inches, and centimeters.

  4. To select Adjust to confirm the new size.

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And we are done. All you have to do is upload your logo.

To upload your copy of the logo, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the To download in the upper right corner of the tool.

  2. Choose the file format you want. You will get options like JPG, PNG, PDF, and GIF.

Logo design made easy

You can easily design your own logo for free on VistaCreate by following the steps above. And don’t forget to make it your own and give it character! The Internet offers many other free online logo makers; why not try them too?

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