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HAMILTON, New Jersey – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The launch of Dodge Construction Network, a new brand uniting Dodge Data & Analytics, The Blue Book Network, IMS and Sweets, was announced today. Following the recent merger of Dodge and Blue Book, the two century-old market leaders today unveiled their latest initiatives to unite under the new umbrella brand and provide the construction industry with the largest connected database ever available. .

This new brand ushers in an era of data-driven digital transformation towards the construction industry, an industry full of companies advancing their technology at varying and disproportionate rates. Dodge Construction Network combines the strengths and stories of two well-known industry leaders and their respective data services to create a data network that enables all market participants, from business groups to small teams, to ” identify critical relationships between products, people and companies. and products to fuel predictable and profitable business growth. The integration of this unique network offers the construction industry a transparent and accessible market.

Part of this transformation is modernizing the way the construction ecosystem uses data. The company surveyed its nearly 150,000 customers to find out how companies are embracing digital transformation and how it drives data and projects in the industry. The data revealed a positive attitude towards digital transformation, but with a significant disconnect.

Construction workers at all levels are embracing digital transformation, according to new research from the company. However, implementation is fragmented, making the already complex nature of construction projects even more complex; 84% of field workers say digital transformation has impacted the way they work, but 34% say even though their company has implemented digital transformation efforts, different teams are using different solutions and 23% state that they did not manage to reach the site.

However, there is a general consensus that digital transformation has potential for the industry: 95% of field workers are ready to use digital transformation tools that could make their jobs easier, and 89% of field workers and office workers believe the digital transformation has either already transformed or will transform the construction industry over the next five years.

“This data shows us that digital transformation can make construction easier, but we need technology that works for everyone, at all levels. By joining these historic companies, we are able to innovate around the data that drives the pre-construction business ecosystem, integrate our portfolio of solutions and provide the most comprehensive analysis and information to deliver this essential technology. Said Dan McCarthy, CEO of Dodge Construction Network. “A unified view of this critical data enables construction professionals to make the informed decisions needed to grow their business sustainably.

“Our goal is to simplify the myriad data sets and leads that make up the pre-construction market, and make it more lucrative for everyone involved. Dodge Construction Network and its advanced solutions are the catalysts for collaboration and a new era of modern construction, ”he continued.

For decades, valuable construction data has been collected and made available, but the data has been fragmented or siled, making it impossible to get a holistic view of the big picture and creating a disconnect in team collaboration. and companies working together on projects. Dodge Construction Network is uniquely designed to overcome these obstacles and connect the industry, not only through data, but also through the shared pursuit of reliable growth, creating a modern and accessible market.

This new solution combines cutting-edge research and data acquisition practices with cutting-edge master data management techniques to simplify large amounts of data and highlight critical relationships and opportunities that help busy people navigate. make informed decisions at the right time. Each solution is designed to be intuitive, transparent and tangible, giving users the ability to see the trends impacting their business and the connections needed to achieve growth.

“We are very excited about this launch and all the opportunities it presents, both for the industry and the company itself,” said Keith Davies, CTO of Dodge Construction Network. “Each offering combines human-assisted information with cutting-edge technology to provide a holistic view of the entire construction ecosystem. At Dodge Construction Network, we make it easier for all levels of commercial construction professionals to build successful businesses and thriving communities.

About the Dodge Construction Network:

Dodge Construction Network leverages an unrivaled offering of industry data, analysis and relationships to generate the most powerful source of information, knowledge, insights and connections in the commercial construction industry. The company powers four long-standing and trusted industry solutions – Dodge Data & Analytics, The Blue Book Network, Sweets and IMS – to connect the dots across the entire commercial construction ecosystem. Together, these solutions provide clear and actionable opportunities for both small teams and businesses. Designed specifically to simplify the complex, Dodge Construction Network ensures that construction professionals have the information they need to build successful businesses and thriving communities. With over a century of industry experience, Dodge Construction Network is the catalyst for modern commercial construction.

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