James Villa Holidays implements the Cloudinary DAM solution

Cloudinary, the cloud-based media experience company powering many of the world’s leading brands, today announced that award-winning UK villa holiday specialist James Villa Holidays has chosen its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. The brand will leverage Cloudinary’s DAM to establish a single source of truth for all of its visual media assets, accelerate time to market by automating complex aspects of its end-to-end photography workflow, and deliver cutting-edge customer experience. .

When a group decides to vacation at a villa, the promotional and user-generated images and videos on the website are often the deciding factor. James Villa Holidays chose Cloudinary to dramatically improve their online customer experience by simplifying and automating all the processes involved in transforming, optimizing, and delivering images to any device, anywhere. the user is engaged. James Villa Holidays is the latest travel and hospitality leader to adopt Cloudinary, joining Hilton, lastminute.com, Simplotel, trivago and many more.

Needing a DAM that would help it modernize and take full advantage of all its visual media assets as new engagement opportunities emerge, James Villa Holidays selected Cloudinary for its ability to support the latest technological innovations and formats including video, drone footage, 360- degree floor plans and AI tagging.

Behind the scenes, Cloudinary is ready to help everyone in James Villa Holidays’ digital media studio work together for better results. As Peter Williams, Digital Studio Director at James Villa Holidays, explains, “We chose Cloudinary, primarily because it will help us get to market faster with new campaigns that are visually appealing, optimized for multiple platforms and generate online conversions. Our marketing team is looking forward to a streamlined end-to-end digital media workflow that saves us tremendous time and IT resources so our employees are freed up to focus on creativity.

“Travel businesses have been ravaged by the pandemic and now want to squeeze as much value as possible from their visual media assets as they head into a vibrant summer season,” said Saranya Babu, CMO at Cloudinary. “Brands like James Villa Holidays know that beautiful, inspiring images and videos are key to attracting customers, creating buzz and ‘sealing the deal’ in this highly competitive market.”

For more information on Cloudinary’s Media Experience Cloud solutions, including its DAM, visit https://cloudinary.com/products/digital_asset_management.

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