Jamf Launches 2021 Jamf Nation User Conference, Unveiling New Ways to Deliver a Secure and Easy Apple Experience for the Consumer at Work


MINNEAPOLIS, Oct 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today, with more than 10,000 Apple admins from around the world in attendance, Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), the standard for Apple business management, launched its 12e Annual Jamf Nation User Conference. Jamf demonstrated how its Apple Enterprise Management platform connects people and authorized devices to work resources, protects people and organizations from threats, and enables IT professionals and end users to use devices that are easy to support and easy to use. Jamf now serves more than 57,000 customers and operates on approximately 25 million devices worldwide.

“Over time, we have extended our platform from Apple device management to Apple business management, which we define as the space between what Apple creates and the needs of the business,” said Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf. “In doing so, we have a specific vision for the business – a vision to equip individuals with technology that is secure for business and simple for the consumer, while protecting privacy.”

Connect employees and devices to work resources, ensuring that only trusted and verified users enter
The office no longer constrains today’s workforce, and with mobile workers comes an increased need to access resources transparently but securely. Today, Jamf announced key updates to connect employees to the resources they need to be productive and protected from security threats.

  • Jamf Private Access – Jamf Private Access is a true zero-trust network access solution that replaces legacy conditional access and VPN technology, ensuring that once a user has authenticated on their device, work connections are secure. Jamf Private Access also allows non-commercial applications to route directly to the Internet or use Apple’s new iCloud + Privacy Relay, thereby preserving end-user privacy and optimizing network infrastructure.

  • Enterprise integration of Jamf and Google Cloud BeyondCorp – Jamf announced a new integration with Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp Enterprise to bring device compliance to admins using Jamf Pro and Google. This integration helps support and encourage employee choice initiatives by equipping admins with a powerful tool – contextual access to company resources – checking the management and compliance status of a device with Jamf. Pro.

Protect people, devices and organizations from threats, avoiding untrusted and unverified people
Many organizations will never go back to having their employees in the office full time. Now, security teams must focus on protecting corporate resources when they are accessible outside the four walls of the office. In addition to the growing number of attacks on Apple devices, businesses need a better Apple solution to keep users and resources safe, no matter what device or where they work from.

  • Jamf Threat Defense – Jamf launched Jamf Threat Defense, a mobile security solution that protects endpoints from compromise through mobile threat detection and zero-day phishing prevention with a web-based dashboard for in-time notifications and remediation real.

  • Prevent data loss – Since the deployment of Jamf Protect, Jamf has implemented additional protection against data leaks. As a beta feature of Jamf Protect, customers can ensure that sensitive business data is written only to encrypted USB mass drives, protecting against physical loss and unauthorized access to data.

  • Prioritization of Mac alerts – Security and IT administrators receive numerous security alerts throughout the day. With this new feature, Jamf adds severity metrics to these alerts to allow security teams to prioritize which notifications they spend time on.

  • Jamf + Red Canary – Jamf announced a partnership with Red Canary, a leading security operations companies, to help organizations run their businesses safely and successfully. With the world-class Apple visibility and protection that Jamf Protect offers, Red Canary can deliver security operations services that detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. Learn more about https://marketplace.jamf.com/details/red-canary/

Empower workers with easy-to-support and easy-to-use Apple devices
Jamf unveiled workflow enhancements aimed at simplifying IT work while retaining the intended Apple experience for its end users.

  • Jamf Data Policy – Jamf introduced Jamf Data Policy, delivering a new level of management capability by pushing the notion of “policies” even further, ensuring that users don’t put themselves or the organization at risk. With Jamf Data Policy, organizations can enforce acceptable website and application usage to eliminate shadow IT and block risky content while managing data consumption with real-time analytics and granular reporting.

  • Jamf Now with Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect – Jamf makes it easier than ever to operate its other solutions and announced that Jamf Now will soon include preview versions of core features of Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect, better equipping small and medium businesses with key features to manage their devices Apple.

  • Application Lifecycle Management Updates – Jamf Pro has added the ability to support iOS App Store apps in the Mac App Store catalog. Enabling IT to deploy iOS apps to M1 powered Mac devices unleashes the potential of iOS apps for all end users, regardless of the device from which they access those apps. App Installers, coming later this year, will provide a streamlined way to deploy and update Mac apps with a curated collection of app install packages provided and managed by Jamf.

  • User Registration Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Jamf adopted Apple’s new Service Discovery feature for iOS 15, along with Apple’s basic user enrollment workflow, so employees can easily enroll their personal devices in management and gain secure access to apps they need to be productive. With data separation and access only to business app inventory, corporate data is secure while the user retains personal and private use of their device.

Support teachers and students in all learning environments
Jamf enables thousands of schools around the world to use Apple technology, but this commitment to education goes beyond bringing Apple devices into the classroom. Jamf helps train teachers, secure devices and strengthen student learning through technology.

  • Jamf secure internet – Jamf Safe Internet, expected to be available early next year, will combine threat defense and content filtering features to block dangerous content and malicious attacks so students can learn from anywhere safely.

  • Jamf educator – Jamf showcased their bespoke platform for teachers to learn the basics of classroom management using Jamf and Apple. Jamf Educator allows educators to familiarize themselves with the Jamf Teacher application and to apply it in a simulation environment. To learn more and to sign up for Jamf Educator, visit http://educator.jamf.com.

About Jamf
Jamf, the standard for Apple business management, extends the legendary Apple experience people love to businesses, schools and government organizations with its software and the largest online community of administrators in the world. world focused exclusively on Apple, Jamf Nation. To learn more, visit: www.jamf.com.

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