MAILBAG: The immigration problem is more valuable to the GOP than a solution | Opinion

We have a problem at our southern border and a broken immigration system. The Republicans refuse to work to solve the problem and they refuse to help the Democrats solve the problem. To pass anything in the Senate, there must be 60 votes, which means Democrats cannot pass legislation alone. The problems are complex and the solutions will require compromise.

In 2013, the Senate passed a complex compromise bill that would solve or at least alleviate our immigration problem. Republican leaders in the House of Representatives refused to put the bill to a vote.

President Biden proposed sweeping immigration reform on his first day in office, however, without Republican support, no legislation will pass. Republicans decided they could use the problems of our broken immigration system to scare the public and garner votes. In other words, the problem is more valuable to Republicans than a solution. This is why Republicans refuse to work with Democrats to fix our immigration system. Blame immigrants for every problem and democrats for allowing immigrants and you can scare people away from voting for you.

I encourage everyone to vote Democrat and solve our immigration problem.


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