Missouri Democrat calls for action on cybersecurity panel


In the latest episode of Politically Speaking, Missouri State Representative Ashley Aune chats with Sarah Kellogg of St. Louis Public Radio about a cybersecurity-focused commission she helped set up. create and how vulnerabilities recently revealed on a government website demonstrate the need for greater web security support. .

Aune is a Kansas City-area Democrat, representing the 14th District. She was first elected in 2020.

Here’s what Aune talked about on the show:

  • The Missouri Cybersecurity Act, which creates a commission to assess and advise the state on cyber threats. Aune partnered with Republican Representative Bill Hardwick of Pulaski County to draft the bill, which was enacted in July. However, no further action on the commission, including the appointment of members by Governor Mike Parson, has taken place.
  • Security risks found on pages of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website that left the social security numbers of thousands of school employees vulnerable. Aune said the state should treat this data as if it had been disclosed to the public and should provide protection against identity theft.
  • Parson’s decision to criminally investigate a reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who alerted the state of vulnerability before releasing the results. Aune said this type of reaction could prevent the state from reporting future defect findings.
  • His own goals and expectations for the upcoming session, including why the legislature might not follow suit.

The 14th Borough covers both Platte and Clay counties, located north of Kansas City, but is still part of the metropolitan area.
Aune has a bachelor’s degree in communications and has a marketing agency in Kansas City.

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