MSP: improve your security reputation

PSMs who choose to improve their reputation for security are getting a head start.

Dear MSPs, we got it.

Uptime and productivity are important to your customers, and you are constantly on the job monitoring and managing their networks to avoid any issues that may arise. You may have started by focusing on traditional IT issues, but today security has become essential for MSPs. In many cases, you are expected to perform the security role. For years, ransomware attacks and major data breaches have made headlines, and organizations are increasingly aware of security risks and compliance regulations.

Businesses understand that it only takes one data breach to destroy their finances, productivity and reputation. As a result, they are increasingly aware of the need for effective security solutions.

However, it goes both ways. As businesses increasingly outsource their IT services, MSPs have become a major target for cybercriminals. This should come as no surprise given that MSPs have full access to sensitive data belonging to multiple companies.

As an MSP, now is the time to develop a solid reputation for safety. PSMs who choose to improve their security today are getting ahead of the game. MSPs that avoid extending their security to effectively address all phases of the threat lifecycle are at a severe disadvantage for several reasons:

  1. A single data breach could cost you your entire business and your reputation due to lawsuits and the damage that could result.
  2. Businesses want an MSP with industry-leading security they can trust.
  3. Security is increasingly becoming an important source of revenue to increase the MRR for MSPs.

MSPs succeed by building a solid reputation for security, educating their clients about business risks, and delivering real value. Use the threat of a cyber attack as an opportunity to grow your business and stand out in a crowded market. Customers will be thankful when their computers stop being infected and word of mouth will spread as a result. Ultimately, to deliver real value, you have two choices: evolve to protect yourself against today’s threat landscape, or fall behind.

How to evolve with the threat landscape

Cybercriminals have shown no signs of slowing down. Malware evolves at an alarming rate, to the point that antivirus software and other traditional solutions can no longer keep up.

The problem is, many MSPs focus on changing their antivirus every time it fails. Changing your antivirus is like changing your home alarm every time a thief breaks into your home. Instead of changing your antivirus and hoping it will detect the next cyber attack, put locks on the door and prevent criminals from entering in the first place.

By taking a zero-trust approach and adding application whitelisting, ringfencing, and storage-based policies to your stack, you effectively harden your environment and protect yourself against ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Listen to this one-on-one conversation with ThreatLocker CEO Danny Jenkins and Juern Technology CEO Neal Juern. Neal Juern is a ThreatLocker Gold partner and a true advocate of zero trust. In this video, he explains how he builds zero trust into his MSP and uses it across his entire customer board.

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