Need a final opinion on the Kaspersky spy scandal


Kaspersky Lab v. DHS: government response and Kaspersky response

Some people think that everything is politically motivated.

The antivirus vendor appears to have been caught amid escalating tensions between Russia and the United States and is most likely unfairly punished for today’s growing political tensions.

Twitter bans Kaspersky from advertising on platform, citing DHS ban

For ordinary consumers, it’s probably as safe to use Kaspersky as any other anti-virus software, “Graham told us.” Whichever product you use, however, you must configure it to NOT resend data. to the supplier.

Kaspersky Russian spy rumors: should you use this antivirus?

In addition, Kaspersky is a founding member of the No more ransom bill which includes a security expert partnership… EC3, Politie, CERT.PL (CERT POLAND), Check Point, ElevenPaths, CISCO, antivirus vendors (McAfee, Avast, Bitdefender, Emsisoft, Trend Micro, ESET, F-Secure), BleepingComputer, numerous law enforcement agencies and various public and private entities (i.e. Acronis, CERT, Coveware, etc.) of the whole world with the aim of helping ransomware victims recover their encrypted data without having to pay the criminals. This partnership includes collaboration and collaboration to locate, shutdown and access the ransomware developer’s Command & Control servers, allowing partners to perform forensic analysis on the server and recover some of the keys to the ransomware. decryption of the victim. Entering these keys allows antivirus vendors to create decryption tools. Thousands of US citizens and US-based businesses have benefited from this project.

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