New collaboration opens international doors for Booyco Electronics

BElectronic will rapidly become a full-fledged international service provider of proximity detection systems (PDS) in 2022. This follows the conclusion of a collaboration agreement with the global specialist in smart technology solutions Wenco International Mining Systems (Wenko).

The agreement will see the two companies work in partnership to deploy Level 9 PDS systems in the global mining industry – as part of their goals to improve production safety and efficiency throughout the sector. Through Wenco, Booyco Electronics is immediately exposed to Wenco’s global distribution network with customers in 40 countries and offices supporting those customers in all major mining jurisdictions.

“The benefits for both companies are significant,” said Anton Lourens, CEO of Booyco Electronics. “Wenco is an internationally recognized leading provider of mining technology solutions and fleet management systems that truly understands surface mining and operations. This gives our company the opportunity to enhance our existing POS solution footprint and track record through its network. For Wenco, they now have a benchmark to help their customers achieve PDS Level 9 status through a reputable service provider. Together, we can now collectively offer an open pit and surface mine safety system for PDS solutions for optimal personnel tracking as well as fatigue management.

Wenco’s Technical Services team is experienced in implementing complex real-time mining systems. They also have the change management skills required to condition these systems.

“As we saw in South Africa, implementing a Level 9 PDS solution on the surface is extremely complex. It was therefore a clear fit with our system and marks a major step in introducing the highest level of PDS solutions to an international mining clientele,” continues Lourens.


Partnership established through excellent delivery

The collaboration is the result of a working relationship established between Booyco Electronics and Wenco through individual project execution work for Gold Field’s new Salares Norte project in Chile, South America. This is Booyco Electronics’ first run job in the country with local supplier, Insucam, and therefore an accolade in itself. Wenco was contracted to provide an on-site fleet management solution.

“Having recognized the Booyco PDS solution, Wenco approached me to assess the potential for a partnership between our two companies and the rest as they say is history,” Lourens points out. “Wenco is also known for publicly championing the benefits of new technologies and this new relationship is an extension of that message to the marketplace.”

With a working partnership firmly in place, the goal for 2022 is the successful go-live of new deployments. “Wenco already has a number of contracts in place with customers who are urgently looking for PDS implementation, so this year is ripe with quick win opportunities for Booyco Electronics. We will simultaneously focus on building Wenco’s corporate knowledge of our systems so that they fully understand the PDS offering, the capabilities of our technologies, and then also how to integrate the various solutions into one cohesive and comprehensive solution,” explains Lourens.

While the global potential of PDS is clear, Booyco Electronics and Wenco (which has a branch based in South Africa) will also focus on South Africa. The requirement for Level 9 PDS solutions remains an incoming legislative requirement, which has been postponed due to the challenges of Covid-19, but should, according to Lourens, be enacted very soon.

“We believe there will be a massive increase in PDS deployment over the next 12 to 24 months as a result of this, which equates to a solid and financially strong period for Booyco Electronics,” concludes Lourens.

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