New infosec products of the week: April 29, 2022

Here’s a look at some of the hottest products from the past week, with releases from Akamai, Alert Logic, BreachBits, Kudelski Security, ThreatX, and Workato.

Alert Logic Intelligent Response minimizes the impact of a security breach

Alert Logic Intelligent Response is designed to minimize the impact of a breach through integrated SOAR capabilities with workflows to enable response actions across network, endpoint, and cloud environments. This provides a safety net if attacks bypass prevention tools, improving an organization’s security posture while allowing them to adopt automation at their own pace.

infosec products april 2022

Akamai Audience Hijacking Protector protects online businesses from fraud

Audience Hijacking Protector protects against unwanted redirection of customers to competing and malicious websites, reducing affiliate fraud and mitigating privacy risks. And as pop-up ads become commonplace, Akamai’s new solution helps businesses keep consumers on their site to ensure successful engagement and consistently smooth online experiences that improve site visits, rates sales conversion and brand trust.

infosec products april 2022

ThreatX extends API protection visibility and capabilities to stop complex threats in real time

ThreatX has unveiled new features designed to strengthen the security of its customers’ APIs. These new features will allow customers to better understand the scope of API attacks, more fully visualize API attack surfaces, and identify API schema compliance gaps that attackers can exploit.

infosec products april 2022

Kudelski Security MDR ONE responds to the growing sophistication of threats in hybrid environments

An alternative model for accessing highly tactile MDR services, Kudelski Security’s MDR ONE solution is designed for customers who are also looking to reduce the complexity of managing multi-point threat detection solutions and accelerate return on investment. MDR ONE is powered by FusionDetect, the foundation of Kudelski Security’s XDR architecture, which streamlines processes and security technology across Kudelski Security’s entire portfolio of MDR offerings.

infosec products april 2022

BreachBits BreachRisk helps organizations understand and measure cyber risk

Designed by veterans of US military cyber warfare and based on the same methods used by hackers, BreachRisk enables individual businesses, insurers, portfolio managers and others to continuously assess the likelihood of an organization from a data breach while quantifying and communicating their risk reduction with simplified cyber risk. score.

infosec products april 2022

Workato Enterprise Key Management protects sensitive enterprise customer data

Workato has introduced Workato Enterprise Key Management (EKM) for its customers. This feature gives customers in highly regulated industries control, flexibility, and compliance of their encryption keys and data inside the Workato platform.

infosec products april 2022

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