NPCore Forms Global Partnership With Viet Cyber ​​Security For Expansion In Southeast Asia IT Security Market

NPCore provided cybersecurity solutions and since 2021, he participated in a project to support the expansion abroad of DNA convergence products (Data, Network, AI) led by Born2Global Center.

The joint venture will see the two partners collaborate in the area of ​​technology and, more importantly, concerted sales and marketing activities in the IT security market in Southeast Asia. The aim is to lay the foundation for a stable offering of IT security services in local markets in order to gain market confidence and continue to grow the business at an increasing rate. NPCore has confirmed that it is ready to aggressively engage Viet Cyber ​​Security’s local networks and customers to expand its presence in the market. NPCore’s (Zombie Zero) solution can defend against any path that malicious code can travel from the network to the endpoint.

She currently holds 12 patents as well as the International Common Criteria (CC) certification for its proprietary security technologies and has more than 100 worldwide references.

CEO of NPCore Han Seung-cheol said: “The local joint venture was established in Vietnam because it is a market with active investments in national security, business IT security and other areas. It will be a local platform for entering Southeast Asian markets, including Vietnam, and will put us on the map as a provider of IT security services in the region. “

In addition, the joint venture between NPCore and Viet cybersecurity was created as part of the Born2Global Center Partnership Program. Thanks to its support for DNA convergence products and services, Born2Global Center serves as a launching pad for innovative startups to enter global markets. Born2Global Center provides startups with different levels of consulting services, from exploration and partnership building to business creation, operations, joint R&D projects and market expansion.

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