Online shopping under threat: Mobile app and API cyber attacks reach critical level

Protecting mobile apps and APIs against automated threats is a top priority for e-commerce businesses, according to data from a study released by DataDome.

Conducted by Forrester Consulting, this survey of e-commerce businesses assesses the main impacts of malicious automated traffic on businesses and their top cybersecurity priorities for the coming year.

Focus on protecting mobile apps and APIs

  • Two-thirds of respondents say focusing on protecting mobile apps and APIs is a key priority for the next 12 months.
  • 45% of respondents indicated that the cost of man-hours spent on threat mitigation was the main impact of bot attacks, followed by loss of revenue (41%) and loss of customer trust (39 %).
  • Businesses prioritize protecting against three types of online fraud: card fraud, inventory fraud, and account fraud.

“The pandemic has changed customer expectations, the way they interact and the demand for e-commerce businesses. In this time of disruptive change, the Internet is continually inundated with automated traffic, ”said Benjamin Fabre, CTO of DataDome. “With 40% of fraudulent traffic hitting mobile apps, protecting all endpoints – not just your website – has never been more critical. “

Impacts of malicious traffic

As malicious bots take advantage of scale and automation, they disrupt good customer traffic, diminish the customer experience, and commit fraud. Respondents indicated that protection against online fraud, particularly in the form of card fraud, inventory fraud and account fraud, is of critical importance.

These attacks impact the entire value chain, from employee to customer: 45% of respondents indicated that the cost of man hours spent mitigating attacks was the main impact, followed by loss of revenue (41%) and loss of customer confidence (39%).

Protect the CX at all costs

It is a top priority for surveyed organizations to protect user performance and application uptime (86%), deliver a quality customer experience (CX) and application experience (84%) with detection and consistent bot management between mobile applications and websites. and API (79%) and false positives identified in real time (76%).

And for good reason: whatever the types of attacks and the detection mechanisms, the majority of attacks require an active intervention and target massively (71%) high-profile events or promotions, which can be very costly for companies. of online commerce.

The survey data is clear: Companies have a collective business priority to ensure optimal customer experience, user performance, and a consistent approach, regardless of platform, to bot management. In addition, they know that they cannot manage these automated threats on their own and mainly seek the qualities of responsiveness and expertise of the industry to guide them in their bot management solution.

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