Portnox Unveils New Cloud-Native Tool to Help Midsize Businesses Simplify Network Security

Portnox has launched a cloud-native Terminal Access Controller Access Control Server (TACACS+) solution to help midsize businesses manage network device administration and access management across increasingly distributed networks.

“We are committed to simplifying network security so that middle-market IT teams have the same level of visibility and control as their enterprise IT counterparts with unlimited budgets and resources,” said Denny LeCompte, CEO of Portnox. “Building a cloud-native TACACS+ solution was the natural next step for our team after the overwhelming response to our NAC-as-a-Service platform. The enthusiastic adoption of our NAC-as-a-Service offering prompted us to offer a free version of TACACS+-as-a-Service as an initial entry point for all organizations. We’re confident that once IT pros get their hands on our suite of cloud-native solutions, they’ll be blown away by their ease-of-use, simplicity, and power.

Continuing its commitment to providing network security products that are easy to use, upgrade and maintain for the middle market, the new cloud-native Portnox TACACS+-as-a-Service offering enables users to easily enforce authentication, Network Authorization and Accounting (AAA) services and policies for network devices – a feature once only available to large enterprises. Offering a free entry level, Portnox now allows any organization to deploy this essential network security technology for up to 100 network devices – such as wireless access points and wired switches – under the authority of a single director.

Already helping more than 1,000 organizations around the world navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, the new cloud-native Portnox TACACS+-as-a-Service solution provides authentication, authorization and data accounting services. network devices, including:

  • User authentication for network devices via Open LDAP and integrations with Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Microsoft Active Directory and OKTA
  • Enforcement of network device access policies and configuration changes to privilege levels, authorized services, automatic commands, custom attributes, etc.
  • Automated audit trails for user activity and attributes on network devices such as user identities, start and stop times, commands executed, packet transfers, etc.

Since closing its Series A earlier this year, Portnox has invested heavily in its product and people. Notable new executive hires to the C-Suite include COO Said Aziz, CMO Marie-Laure Carvalho and CRO Shon Turner. The company has also significantly increased its number of employees in sales, marketing, product, engineering and other departments in the United States, Europe and Israel to fuel its growth, increasing its workforce by more than 50% since the beginning of 2022.

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