QCI, QIAGEN’s Clinical Decision Support Platform, Surpasses Three Million NGS Patient Test Cases

REDWOOD CITY, CA & HILDEN, GERMANY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QIAGEN (NYSE: QGEN; Frankfurt Prime Standard: QIA) today announced that its QIAGEN Clinical Insights (QCI) decision support software platform has been used to date to interpret more than three million profiles molecular patient data for hereditary and oncological diseases. This milestone for QCI’s portfolio of clinical software and professional services for interpretation and variant reporting of next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays underscores QIAGEN’s leadership position in precision medicine. The platform, launched only seven years ago, is currently growing by 35%, or 700,000 additional cases per year, outperforming other commercial offerings by a factor of 5 in terms of patient cases.

The QCI portfolio is an integrated and universal solution for secondary and tertiary analysis in molecular pathology, clinical genetics and translational research that can be used with any sequencing platform. Comprised of QCI Secondary Analysis, QCI Interpret, and QCI Precision Insights, the portfolio streamlines NGS data analysis and variant interpretation, allowing users to move from raw NGS data to clinical reporting quickly and with confidence.

“Surpassing three million patient cases reported using our QCI solution demonstrates how ubiquitous our bioinformatics solutions are becoming in the standard of patient care. This is in line with our ambition to deliver on the promise of precision medicine,” said Jonathan Sheldon, Executive Vice President of QIAGEN Digital Insights. “The cost and speed of NGS testing is no longer a barrier to adoption. It’s the downstream analysis, interpretation and quality reporting of complex results that becomes the bottleneck, and it’s is where our QCI portfolio fits in. Laboratories can confidently adopt and scale NGS with our NGS interpretation and reporting tools using our advanced Augmented Molecular Intelligence (AMI), regardless of the platform of sequencing they use. Today, more than 200 scientific experts work alongside machines to efficiently organize, annotate, and analyze complex clinical evidence essential to accurate, high-quality reports. This emphasis on human effort, review and certification is key. This means our customers can trust the data and proceed confidently with the most up-to-date information.”

The core content of the QCI Portfolio, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, is powered by AMI. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise to confidently advance and accelerate clinical decision-making. A key differentiator in the QCI portfolio, AMI’s application leverages AI and machine learning to efficiently identify, extract and align evidence from scientific literature and over 40 public and proprietary databases in the QIAGEN Knowledge Base. The approach ensures high-quality molecular intelligence that users can trust to improve their own decisions.

“One of the biggest challenges in whole genomic profiling (CGP) is bioinformatics. QIAGEN’s QCI Interpret software allowed our lab to confidently transition from a targeted 177 gene panel to a 718 gene CGP panel, while helping us reduce cost, time and labor said Petr Starostik, MD, director of molecular pathology, University of Florida Health Pathology Laboratories. “The quality of the QIAGEN Knowledge Base content is unmatched in the industry. From a large, complex panel, we can filter and classify variants according to AMP and NCCN guidelines and create personalized, patient-specific reports with the latest diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information. With so much data to process now, QCI Interpret provides the information we need to make the right decisions.

As the NGS industry is poised to transform significantly with the introduction of faster and less expensive NGS instruments, it expects to see accelerated adoption of analysis, testing and screening genetics. As more vendors enter the market, customer demand for dedicated applications and solutions that consider front-end sample processing and downstream bioinformatics will further accelerate. QIAGEN has built an extensive NGS application and portfolio strength aligned with key market drivers to meet these demands and will continue to invest in its expansion to support industry growth and complement Sample to Insight solutions for its customers. and partners.

Learn more about the QCI portfolio here.

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