React Mobile integration with Amadeus HotSOS Housekeeping improves efficiency of employee security features



Together React Mobile and Amadeus facilitate the adoption and implementation by hoteliers of employee safety devices (ESD) mandated by municipalities and states. The integration between the Amadeus HotSOS Housekeeping platform and the React Mobile panic button solution helps hoteliers create safer working environments by leveraging innovative technology.

One of these properties benefiting from the joint technological solution is the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile. The 415-room downtown luxury hotel selected React Mobile – the leading hotel panic button platform – to comply with Chicago’s “Sexual Harassment of Hotel Workers Ordinance”, which requires all employees working alone in rooms and toilets to be equipped with panic buttons. By pairing React Mobile’s Bluetooth® panic button with employee devices running both the Amadeus HotSOS Housekeeping app and the React Mobile Hospitality app and paying for a software subscription, the hotel can leverage HotSOS Housekeeping location data to locate an employee in an emergency.

This is how it works: When a cleaning lady starts a shift, management assigns her a smart device (Android or iOS phone or tablet) to facilitate daily chores, as well as a small portable React Mobile panic button that is paired with the device. clever. Then the employee receives a room assignment and enters the cleaning status into the HotSOS housekeeping application. Once cleaned, the status of the room is updated in the app. The process is repeated until the attendant’s daily task list is complete. If the paired React Mobile panic button is pressed, it sends an alert from the person assigned to the smart device to the React Mobile dispatch center showing their exact location with the data location information from the HotSOS Housekeeping app, and the Appropriate emergency contact is then sent to provide assistance.

Newly effective Illinois State Law under section 5 of the hotel and casino employee safety act, hotels must now equip ALL employees working solo without any other employee present in a room or toilet, or on a casino floor , an ESD. As such, in April, React Mobile returned to the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile and installed an additional 451 beacons throughout the property – service elevator landings (some of which also serve as laundry closets) and public restrooms at the center. and to all meeting rooms – to complement HotSOS and provide additional coverage around the property for more employees. 10 additional panic buttons have also been provided to ensure engineers, bell staff, minibar attendants and room service workers have their own personal ESD when in remote areas including stairwells and loading docks.

“After adopting React Mobile panic buttons, we saw an immediate positive impact on employee safety” said Stephano Baik, head of housekeeping at the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile. “These devices overcome the multiple restrictions hotel workers traditionally face when calling for help in an emergency, from crossing language barriers to providing more accurate location data. React Mobile contacts us frequently to make sure the system is running efficiently, which you don’t expect from a digital partner. This technology is an additional layer in our suite of security measures, and our employees appreciate knowing they can call for help when needed. “

The Renaissance Seattle Hotel also chose React Mobile to help it meet municipal mandates for installing ESDs. AAA Four Diamond hosting also uses the Amadeus HotSOS housekeeping solution. However, a Seattle ordinance requires the hotel to install Bluetooth® beacons in every room, as well as in hallways, stairwells, public restrooms, and other spaces where “the signal must work and be detectable regardless. the employee’s location and must not be obstructed by noise from other sources or other visual alarms. 6 and four iPad Mini) are configured with the React Mobile Hospitality app and the HotSOS Housekeeping app and paired with 80 React Mobile Sidekick panic buttons.

“Thanks to the React Mobile / Amadeus integration partnership, our hotel management is able to know the room number, recent assignments and location data of any of our ambassadors who trigger their security device.” said Brandon Martinez, director of operations at the Renaissance Seattle hotel. “Operationally, this system makes it easier for us to locate employees and reduces the time it takes to reach them if they need our help. The integration also helps our property operate more smoothly by sending alerts directly to mobile devices, allowing supervisors to move around and integrate into property operations rather than monitoring things from a back office.

React Mobile CEO John Stachowiak said whether hotels can take advantage of existing technologies like Amadeus HotSOS Housekeeping like the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile, or are required by law to implement a comprehensive security solution like the Renaissance Seattle Hotel with Bluetooth Panic Buttons + React Mobile Hospitality App and Amadeus HotSOS App on Smart Device + React Mobile Software Subscription, these properties are forever changing the culture of employee safety and securing the future of travel and hospitality .

“Employee safety remains one of the most important challenges facing various businesses today”, said Stachowiak. “Adding new security solutions doesn’t have to be a complex and costly exercise. Through our integration partnership with Amadeus, we make ESDs much easier to deploy and use, and in some cases, extremely easy to pay for. Together with Amadeus, we will continue to improve workplace safety by giving hotel workers more information about a potential emergency, at the push of a button. “

Daniel O’Keefe, Senior Vice President of Hotel Property Solutions at Amadeus, added: “We are constantly innovating to provide solutions that allow our partners and clients to adapt to changing hotel ecosystems. We have worked closely with our partners and their engineering teams to match our technology solutions with industry needs to further support hotels around the world. By adding location-based data to React Mobile employee security devices, hoteliers can stay one step ahead when an alert is triggered, and employees can rest more easily, knowing they can trigger their device and do so. someone come to their house immediately.

To learn more about the benefits of this technological integration, visit React Mobile at booth 1723 and Amadeus at booth 3601 To HITEC Dallas 2021, to be held September 27-30 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

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