Sasol Chemicals Uses AI-Based Monitoring Technologies at Lake Charles Chemical Complex – Chemical Engineering

By Mary Page Bailey |

Sasol Chemicalsa business unit of Sasol Ltd. (Johannesburg, South Africa), will deploy innovative AI-based technology in its ethylene unit at its Lake Charles chemical complex in Louisiana to measure and monitor energy consumption and emissions to identify opportunities reducing CO2 emissions and improving energy efficiency.

Sasol Chemicals will deploy the emissions.AI solution from UK-based data analytics experts OPEX, an ERM Group company, at its Lake Charles Chemical Complex Ethylene Unit, with potential to expand to other units as a result of this program pilot.

“Technology and innovation will play a critical role in helping us achieve our emissions reduction goals,” said André Bonton, vice president of technical services for Sasol Chemicals America. “We work with solution providers like OPEX Group to apply proven technology that can inform our emissions reduction strategies and investments. With emissions.AI, we can put accurate data in the hands of our experts so they can make faster, better decisions that improve our performance and drive more sustainable operations.

Sasol is the first company in the chemical manufacturing industry to introduce emissions.AIoriginally designed for complex oil and gas installations.

The introduction of new digital technology is part of Sasol’s roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% globally by 2030. In addition to increasing its use of renewable energy, Sasol is also focused on maximizing energy efficiency at its sites.

emissions.AI Continuously monitor energy consumption at the Lake Charles Chemical Complex Ethylene Unit and highlight opportunities to minimize fuel and electrical consumption. It will give the company quick access to detailed emissions data and analysis functionality to identify emission reduction opportunities.

Jamie Bennett, CEO of the OPEX Group, said: “How companies choose to operate their facilities can have a significant impact on emissions and costs. Our emissions.AI provides customers with quality data and insights so they can identify the opportunities that will have the greatest impact, helping them quickly deliver on their decarbonization promises. We are proud to play a role in supporting Sasol’s sustainability goals and look forward to working in the chemical sector. »

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