School security moves to the cloud



School security moves to the cloud

Ensuring the safety of students, facilities and staff is essential for a great educational experience. A new white paper on Johnson Controls and OpenBlue’s Cloudvue Security as a Service offering explains how the digital transformation of physical security is changing the way institutions around the world deliver smart, secure and healthy learning environments.

The digital transformation of physical security

Security challenges

The goal of every educational institution is to ensure the safety of students, staff and facilities, which is at the heart of an exceptional educational experience.

Financial challenges

According to Cloudvue, technological constraints have historically made enterprise-grade video surveillance, video surveillance and access solutions expensive to manage and scale in an educational environment.

This left a gap between cost effective and truly effective options, forcing institutions to make tough decisions about security measures and leaving assets, students, facilities and staff at risk.

Technological challenges

Traditional surveillance and access control options can be overwhelming to use and manage. From an IT perspective, they often required expensive network recording systems, dedicated operating systems, and routine software and firmware upgrades to perform optimally, and off-network cameras created vulnerabilities. of security.

The limitations inherent in access control occur through the use of non-integrated, disconnected, and non-scalable components. CCTV and access control are often managed on two different systems requiring multiple logins in different accounts to access footage in multiple locations. The analysis generally required high processing power, which made it prohibitively expensive for educational application. Additionally, existing video surveillance solutions have served as an investigative tool, rather than providing the actionable insights that today’s solutions provide.

The Cloudvue solution starts with security as a service and allows users to easily control cameras, grant access to doors, and set smart alerts with centrally managed software and cloud-connected hardware.

Custom floor plan views, map views, and powerful dashboards keep data organized across operations. The powerful search tools and the accessibility of the solution transform the video surveillance sequences of forensic data into actionable information. The result is a streamlined security solution that improves operational efficiency and reduces costs.

For more information, visit the Cloudvue website.

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