SeaSpine® Announces Full Commercial Launch of NorthStar™ Facet Fusion and Limited Commercial Launch of FLASH™ Navigation Lumbar Facet Fusion

SeaSpine Holdings Corporation

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SeaSpine Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: SPNE), a global medical technology company focused on surgical solutions for the treatment of spinal disorders, today announced the launch commercial launch of NorthStar™ Cervical Facet Fusion and the limited commercial launch of FLASH™ Navigation Lumbar Facet Fusion, the latest orthobiologic solutions tailored to specific procedural needs. These one-of-a-kind systems were designed to streamline a repeatable procedural workflow while maximizing fusion area with OsteoStrand® DBM fibers contained in the facet joint.

NorthStar Facet Fusion is an all-in-one solution that combines OsteoStrand DBM Fiber cervical pellets and disposable facet preparation instrumentation, all optimized for use with NorthStar OCT, SeaSpine’s posterior cervical fixation system that has entered full commercial launch in October 2021. the dual-purpose instrumentation approximately doubles the facet joint surface area compared to traditional freehand techniques to facilitate more robust fusion and significantly improve screw accuracy, as a demonstrated a cadaver study recently presented to the Cervical Spine Research Society (CSRS).

“NorthStar Facet Fusion is a new solution to aid in robust facet fusion and safe, reproducible lateral mass screw placement in all settings and experience levels,” said Erik Olsson, MD, of Southeastern Sports Medicine and Orthopedics at Pardee Hospital in Ashville, North Carolina. “Surgeons from the junior resident to the most experienced surgeon can benefit from using this system to optimize the placement and fusion of posterior cervical instrumentation.”

SeaSpine’s FLASH Navigation Lumbar Facet Fusion includes instruments designed to target and deliver OsteoStrand Plus DBM fiber pellets into the facet joint during MIS procedures. This limited commercial launch marks the first SeaSpine procedural system developed and integrated with 7D technology.

“As we continue to build on our best-in-class orthobiologics portfolio, it is critical for us to provide complementary solutions to our spinal implant and enabling technology portfolios as part of a continuum of care. These new procedural solutions for veneer fusion will leverage increased access for spinal systems such as NorthStar OCT and Mariner, which participate in market opportunities estimated at over $1 billion in total,” said Frank. Vizesi, Vice President, Orthobiologics Research & Development & Clinical Affairs. “These launches are just one great example of how we are focused on improving surgical workflow and resulting patient outcomes with procedure-specific solutions.”

About Sea Spine

SeaSpine ( is a global medical technology company focused on the design, development and commercialization of surgical solutions for the treatment of patients with spinal disorders. SeaSpine offers a comprehensive portfolio of orthobiologic and spine implant solutions, as well as an industry-leading surgical navigation system, to meet the different combinations of products and enabling technologies that neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons need to performing fusion procedures on the lumbar, thoracic and cervical. spine. SeaSpine’s Orthobiologics products consist of a wide range of advanced and traditional bone graft substitutes designed to improve bone fusion rates after a wide range of orthopedic surgeries including spine, hip and extremity procedures. SeaSpine’s spinal implant portfolio consists of an extensive line of products to facilitate spinal fusion in minimally invasive degenerative surgery (MIS) and complex spinal deformity procedures. Expertise in orthobiologic sciences, as well as spinal implants and software product development, enables SeaSpine to offer its surgeon clients a differentiated portfolio and comprehensive solution to meet their fusion needs. SeaSpine currently markets its products in the United States and approximately 30 countries worldwide through a committed network of increasingly exclusive distribution partners.

Forward-looking statements

SeaSpine cautions you that statements included in this press release that are not a description of historical facts are forward-looking statements based on the company’s current expectations and assumptions. These forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements relating to: product design and the ability to streamline a repeatable and procedural workflow while maximizing fusion area; the ability of the company’s procedural solutions for veneer fusion to take advantage of improved access for vertebral systems like NorthStar OCT and Mariner; and whether the full commercial launch of NorthStar™ Cervical Facet Fusion and the limited commercial launch of FLASH™ Navigation Lumbar Facet Fusion represent an example of the Company’s focus on improving surgical workflow and patient outcomes resulting with procedure-specific solutions. Among the factors that could cause or contribute to material differences between the Company’s actual results and the expectations indicated by the forward-looking statements are risks and uncertainties, which include, but are not limited to: the ability of newly launched products, such as NorthStar™ Cervical Facet Fusion and FLASH™ Navigation Lumbar Facet Fusion, to perform as intended and to meet the needs of surgeons and patients, including due to the lack of substantial clinical validation of the products after a limited commercial launch ( or “alpha”); and other risks and uncertainties more fully described in press releases and the Company’s periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company’s public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission are available at

You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date they were made. SeaSpine does not intend to revise or update the forward-looking statements set forth in this press release to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date hereof, except as required by law.

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