Senator Cornyn and Cruz call on Biden to improve border security

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral)- Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz visited the border in the Valley on Friday. Senators call on Biden administration to improve security.

“To our local communities here in the Rio Grande Valley, local law enforcement and local hospitals, you name it. They have to bear the burden of policy failure at the federal level,” Cornyn said.

While migrants have crossed the Rio Grande for as long as we can remember, Cornyn said the influx of migrants was caused by the Biden administration. Cruz asks why President Biden didn’t visit the border.

“Where are the Democratic senators? They’re not here because they can’t look at the corpses of kids being mugged in the chaos, you can’t look at it and defend it,” Cruz said.

Cruz said he has spoken to members of our community who say they fear for their safety.

“The ranchers, the farmers, who are understandably angry that they can’t be safe on their own property that their kids can’t be safe on their own property,” Cruz said.

Cruz adds that the only way to solve this problem is the next election.

“They might fix it tomorrow, they don’t want to, so you ask what the solution is. I believe the solution, I think November is going to be a red title wave, I think South Texas is going to go red in November “Cruz said.

Some senators from other states say that this problem affects not just border states, but all states. They call on the Biden administration to come up with a policy that will stop the influx of migrants into the United States

President Biden recently met with the President of Mexico where the President agreed to contribute $1.5 billion to a joint initiative with the United States to improve infrastructure along the US-Mexico border.

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