Should doctors allow transgender minors to take hormones?

Stop targeting trans kids

I don’t understand why Alabama lawmakers (Associated Press article from May 11, “Transgender treatment, doctors threatened by new Alabama law”) passed a law making illegal for doctors to prescribe drugs for children with gender dysphoria.

After:Ohio Republicans want to ban treatment for transgender youth, but what would that mean?

Lawmakers say it is protect the rights of children. Why do they think a parent would take a child without a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to a doctor to get treatment for gender dysphoria?

Doctors will not give hormones to a child without gender dysphoria and suspend processing for children with gender dysphoria is a cruel punishment for the child who is born this way.

John Hoitsma, Christopher Columbus

After:“No politician will shame him into keeping his mouth shut.” Ohio mom says trans girl, others demonized

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Tear the reins of the Republicans

So Governor Mike DeWine thinks it’s important that Ohio elect a republican so that a majority in the Senate can provide “check and balance on the policies of the Biden administration.” (May 8, “JD Vance Wins DeWine Endorsement”)


After:Capitol Insider: Ohio Republicans line up to back JD Vance, who touts ‘Big Lie’

The party that continues to embrace the dangerous lie (apparently all in the service of a narcissist, supposedly authoritarian, whose ridiculously inflated ego apparently doesn’t allow him to process a defeat) that a legitimate election has been in somehow “stolen”; the party that denies that an American president, probably with help from other elected Republicansconspired to incite a crowd of supporters to violently storm the seat of our government in order to stop the peaceful transfer of power?

JD Vance's campaign homepage, updated after winning Tuesday's GOP US Senate primary in Ohio

The party that thinks it is okay to illegally and unconstitutionally usurp the will of the people should provide a “check and balance”? Our very democracy is under threat. This Republican Party does not deserve to be anywhere near the reins of our government.

After:Opinion: ‘Reasonable Republicans’ should oust new GOP and vote for Democrats

I implore leaders and citizens everywhere to remember that the Democratic Party is made up of moderatesand even a few conservatives – there is no policy you could disagree with that could even compare to a party that tolerates violent insurrection.

Diane Keafer, Pickerington

Letters to the Editor

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Compulsory swimming lessons for children

Sarai Westbrook, 12, practices her back during a free swimming lesson with instructor Brian Botzman at the Columbus School for Girls pool in Columbus, Ohio on June 21.  Botzman offers free lessons to help children become more confident and safe during water recreation.

Apart from the splashing, swimming and fun that a swimming pool brings, it can also pose a silent threat to children’s safety. Drowning is the leading cause injury-related deaths among children aged 1 to 4 in the United States

With summer weeks away, readers should know a few ways to keep kids safe around water. Drowning can happen unexpectedly to any child in any family. For reduce the risk of drowningall children need constant, close and competent supervision when around water, including bathtubs.

After:Safety precautions create a new swimming pool experience

Beginner swimmers should be within arm’s reach of an adult and children should be supervised even if there is a lifeguard present. It is recommended that children start swimming lessons to learn water safety techniques from 1 year.

To prevent unplanned access to swimming pools, including inflatable and portable pools, there should be four-sided fencing and door alarms in homes with swimming pools.

May is the month to register your children swimming lessons for a safe summer season for all to enjoy.

Emily Engelhardt, MD, Columbus

Postal mail slows down

I read the letter of May 9″La Poste is going in the right direction” with interest.

After:Widespread USPS delays in mail delivery leave Columbus residents frustrated

Ironically, we live in a 104-unit condo complex in the North Gahanna area and none have had any courier deliveries except delivery of medical prescriptions etc since Friday May 6th.

We also know of another condo complex near us, comprising 156 residences, with the same problem. I’m sure there are others in this area who have the same problem.

We hope that a solution to the problem will be found quickly. Older people always like to use the USPS instead of email, text messaging, etc.

Edwin L DouglassGahanna

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