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Annual review of solutions Suppliers to know in augmented analysis provides details on some of the most critical solution providers in the space.

Solutions Review writers are always on the lookout for the largest and most influential data analytics and business intelligence providers to help buyers find the right tools for their organization’s needs. Choosing the right supplier and the right solution can be a complicated process; it requires constant market research and often boils down to more than the solution and its technical capabilities. To make your search a bit easier, we’ve listed the suppliers you need to know in the augmented analysis.

To note: The companies are listed in alphabetical order.

Suppliers to know in augmented analytics, 2021


AnswerRocket offers a research-based data analysis platform designed for business users. The product allows you to ask business questions in natural language, and no technical skills are required to run reports or generate analysis. AnswerRocket offers a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as advanced analytics features. The platform can also automate manual tasks and respond quickly to ad hoc questions. AnswerRocket is compatible with mobile devices and includes native speech recognition.


IBM offers a wide range of BI and analytics capabilities under two distinct product lines. The Cognos Analytics platform is an integrated, self-service solution that enables users to access data to create dashboards and reports. IBM Watson Analytics offers a machine-learning-based user experience that includes automatic pattern discovery, support for natural language queries and generation, and built-in advanced analytics capabilities. IBM’s BI software can be deployed both on-premises or as a hosted solution through IBM Cloud.


Microsoft is a major player in BI and business analytics. The company’s flagship platform, Power BI, is cloud-based and delivered on the Azure cloud. On-premises functionality also exists for individual users or when power users create complex data mashups using internal data sources. Power BI is unique in that it allows users to perform data preparation, data discovery, and dashboards with the same design tool. The platform integrates with Excel and Office 365 and has a very active user community that extends the capabilities of the tool.


Oracle Analytics Cloud offers modern, AI-centric self-service analytics capabilities for data preparation, visualization, business reporting, augmented analytics, and natural language processing / generation. There is a complementary BI mobile app that also learns what interests you. Analytics Cloud dashboards aggregate content from various sources and systems so that users can interact with it through the integrated experience.

Pyramid analysis

Pyramid Analytics offers a data and analysis tool through its flagship platform, Pyramid v2020. The solution boasts a server-based, multi-user analytics operating system environment that provides self-service capabilities. Pyramid v2020 features a platform independent architecture that allows users to manage data in any environment, regardless of technology. The tool enables these users to prepare, model, visualize, analyze, publish and present data from web browsers and mobile devices.



Qlik offers a wide range of BI and analytics tools, one of the main ones being the company’s flagship offering, Qlik Sense. The solution allows organizations to combine all of their data sources into a single view. The Qlik Analytics Platform enables users to develop, extend, and integrate visual analytics into existing applications and portals. The integrated functionalities are carried out within a common governance and security framework. Users can build and integrate Qlik as simple mashups or integrate into applications, information services or IoT platforms.

Selling power

The Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform is available in a number of versions based on role, industry, and included features. The product’s automated data discovery capabilities allow users to answer questions based on transparent and understandable AI models. Users can also tailor analytics to their use case and improve insights with specific recommendations and guidance. Einstein lets you create advanced experiences using customizable templates, third-party apps, or custom dashboards.


SAP offers a wide range of BI and analytics tools in business and user oriented editions. The company’s flagship BI portfolio is delivered through on-premises (BusinessObjects Enterprise) and cloud (BusinessObjects Cloud) deployments on the SAP HANA cloud. SAP also offers a suite of traditional BI functionality for dashboards and reports. Vendor data discovery tools are hosted within the BusinessObjects solution, while additional functionality, including self-service visualization, is available through the SAP Lumira toolset.


SAS Visual Analytics is available on premise or in the cloud. Visual Analytics allows users to visually explore data to automatically highlight key relationships, outliers, and clusters. Users can also take advantage of advanced visualizations and guided analyzes through automatic mapping. SAS has made a name for itself through advanced analytics, as the tool can ingest data from a variety of data sources and manage complex models. In addition to BI, SAS offers tools for data management, IoT, personal data protection and Hadoop.


Sisense allows organizations to easily reveal business information from complex data, regardless of size or format. The product allows users to combine data and discover information in a single interface without scripting, coding, or IT support. Sisense is sold as a single stack solution with a back end for data preparation and modeling. It also has extensive analytical capabilities and a front-end for dashboard and visualization. Recent augmented analysis add-ons include data preparation through ElastiCube and augmented text deduplication.


Tellius offers a research and AI-powered data analysis platform. The product features a proprietary Genius AI engine designed to allow business users to ask questions about their data. Tellius has natural language processing that interacts with users in plain language and creates stories as well as data visualizations. The tool can also provide personalized recommendations by anticipating needs and automatically offering related information and suggestions. Tellius is built on the Apache Spark distributed architecture.

TIBCO software

TIBCO’s product capabilities are extensive and range from data integration and API management to visual analysis, reporting and data science. The company’s BI and analytics portfolio has two main iterations: TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Jaspersoft. TIBCO Spotfire is the company’s most modern platform. It offers interactive visualization, data preparation, enterprise-class governance, and advanced analytics capabilities. TIBCO Jaspersoft supports traditional reporting and integrated BI functionality.

Thought Point

ThoughtSpot is heavily influenced by artificial intelligence and automation. Although it may sound complex, ease of use is a strength of the product. It features a full-stack architecture and intuitive information generation capabilities via the in-memory calculation engine. A distributed cluster manager provides customizable scaling options, and support for existing ETL solutions ensures proper connectivity to desired data sources. ThoughtSpot Embrace lets you run research and AI analytics directly into existing databases and supports Google Cloud Storage.

Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin is an Australian BI and analytics company specializing in dashboards and data visualization. Its platform includes a machine learning algorithm called Assisted Insights that provides automatic responses in the form of easy-to-understand best practice visualizations and stories. Yellowfin comes with a variety of predefined dashboards, and users can integrate interactive reports into third-party platforms, such as a corporate webpage, wiki, or intranet. The company also offers native apps for mobile devices.

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