Spirent launches testing as a service (TaaS) option for Wi-Fi customers

Spiritual Communications announced the launch of a new test-as-a-service (TaaS) “Send us your device” option for Wi-Fi customers.

The first of its kind from a manufacturer of advanced Wi-Fi testbeds, the service provides access to the advanced capabilities of Spirent’s OCTOBOX emulation and test solution to organizations where capital expenditure and expertise considerable amount needed to own and manage such complex test setups may not be sufficient. be an option.

The increasing complexity of Wi-Fi technology is forcing developers and manufacturers to rethink their approach to performance testing for new Wi-Fi enabled devices. The advancement of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, the growth of multipoint access networks networks and expectations around 5G and Wi-Fi convergence are creating new applications and new business models that require new testing approaches.

The new service is aimed at enterprises with Wi-Fi testing needs but little or no onsite testing facilities, as well as organizations such as chipset developers, IoT and consumer device manufacturers and network equipment manufacturers who need to perform regular Wi-Fi testing. but may not have the in-house expertise to effectively create, deploy and run the range of performance tests the industry now needs. It is expected that Spirent OCTOBOX owners and others with existing labs will also find the service beneficial when they occasionally experience bandwidth overflow in their own test facility.

Available to customers worldwide, the service is based at Spirent’s research facilities in Massachusetts, where OCTOBOX test benches are developed and manufactured. This allows Spirent to easily scale up and down testing services for customers based on their ever-changing needs and leverage the company’s unparalleled expertise in Wi-Fi emulation and testing. The Spirent Lab also provides test environments designed with optimized hardware to ensure that all devices are validated against the highest quality standards accepted for carrier and enterprise deployment, such as TR-398 and RFC 2544.

Doug Roberts, Managing Director of Spirent’s Lifecycle Service Assurance business
Owning and managing complex test setups for rapidly evolving Wi-Fi technologies may not make business sense for some manufacturers and developers. As the recognized market leader in Wi-Fi emulation and testing capabilities, this new Spirent service meets the needs of these businesses by providing instant access to advanced testing and failure analysis that will dramatically reduce their time to market. marketing and will increase the quality of performance.

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