Stansted Airport passengers evacuated after potential threat to terminal security


Hundreds of passengers are in the parking lot at Stansted Airport after being evacuated from the terminal following reports of a ‘suspicious package’ in the security zone

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Stansted: Crowds gather as airport partially evacuated

Stansted airport was partially evacuated after reports of a “suspicious package” in the security zone prompted military explosives experts to be dispatched.

Airport officials said a partial evacuation of the terminal was taking place due to the find, with a large cordon in place starting at 3:15 p.m.

People left the airport in a panicked “rush” as police ordered them out, a witness said.

Hundreds of passengers and airline staff are now in the airport parking lot after the evacuation.

The airport did not respond when asked if those who missed their flights would be given new service today.

A spokesperson for Stansted said: ‘Following reports of a suspicious package in the security zone, a partial evacuation of the terminal has taken place in accordance with standard procedure.

“This has resulted in the temporary closure of our security processing area, which may impact passengers due to traveling on outbound flights at this time.

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Hundreds of passengers are now waiting in the parking lot at Stansted Airport


Asha Umrawsingh)

“Arriving flights are operating normally.

“Passengers are encouraged to check the status of their flight with their airline.”

Military explosives experts are on the scene to inspect the package, Essex Police said.

Harry Vogler, 13, who was traveling to Greece with his mother, told the Mirror that police started yelling ‘get out’ at passengers earlier this afternoon.

He said it sparked a “rush” to leave the airport among panicked passengers.

The youngster, from Amersham, Buckinghamshire, added that he and others had been evacuated once before but people had started returning to the airport as it was not clear whether the incident was finished.

He told the Mirror: “(During the first evacuation) I could see flight attendants and airport workers leading a group of people, so we turned around and left.

Crowds of passengers were evicted from Stansted Airport


Harry Vogler)

“After about two or three minutes, we saw people start to come in. The airport staff was not doing anything, so we went inside. We were waiting inside with a massive group of people.

“Then it quickly escalated and the police started screaming to get out.

“They said ‘come out through the doors’, it wasn’t very controlled.

“There was a rush. People were crowding together. We felt confused and a little panicked about the total lack of information. We found out more on Twitter than on the people inside. “

Harry and his mother have now missed their flight and they are waiting outside the airport with everyone.

Images from the airport show crowds of people outside the airport trying to enter following false rumors the incident was over.

It is not clear whether those who missed their flights will be given a new service today.

Passengers rushed to the exit after police ordered them to evacuate, a witness said


Harry Vogler)

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Essex Police tweeted: ‘We are currently at Stansted Airport over concerns over a suspicious package in the safe zone.

“A cordon was put in place. The passengers were evacuated from this area of ​​the airport and brought to safety.

“Military explosives experts will assess the package.”

Asha Umrawsingh, who was evacuated from the airport, told the Mirror: “We were about to go through security and they asked us to back up and then exit the terminal.

“People were a little confused as no announcement was made about the suspicious package. There are now a few hundred people outside the airport.”

Dr David de Lorenzo tweeted: “Stansted Airport has been partially evacuated. People have asked to leave the stores leaving the shopping carts behind and being closed in a hurry.”

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