Strutmasters Releases New Toyota Sequoia Conversion Kit

2008-2022 Toyota Sequoia 4-Wheel Suspension Conversion Kit

The kit ensures Sequoia owners have the durable and affordable hanging solution they’ve been craving.

Specialty suspension manufacturer Strutmasters recently released another of their suspension replacement kits, this time for the 2008-2022 Toyota Sequoia. As Sequoia owners increasingly search for solutions to their suspension problems, the release of this kit comes at just the right time.

The rear air suspension of the Toyota Sequoia, a constant source of trouble for vehicle owners. Air suspension component repairs and replacements can easily run into the thousands. But Strutmasters’ new kit replaces that air suspension with standard coilover shocks and struts for just $749.

“This replacement kit was a while to arrive,” said Troy Hammond. “We’re thrilled to finally release a replacement suspension kit for the Toyota Sequoia. We’ve had a lot of requests for replacement kits for the Sequoia, but it was important for us to take the time and do some research to make sure that it was correct before putting it on the market.”

An affordable suspension solution

Repairing or replacing the air suspension components of a Toyota Sequoia can easily cost thousands of dollars. This can lead some owners to dispose of their SUV long before the end of its useful life or to run on bad air suspension. But the new Toyota Sequoia Strutmasters Suspension Conversion Kit offers an affordable solution. At $749, the kit allows you to replace your entire suspension for nearly what it would cost to replace a single air spring. Designed to be simple and easy to install, these kits also save the mechanic time and money.

Reliable fixing of the suspension of the Toyota Sequoia

The new Strutmasters Toyota Sequoia suspension kit is not only an affordable solution, it is also a reliable solution. These conversion kits are made in the USA with heavy-duty steel spacers and cold-wound springs. Engineered to be perfectly tuned, the new suspension provides long-lasting reliability, with a smooth ride for years to come.

Guaranteed quality

The Toyota Sequoia’s suspension is one of its key safety systems, so it’s essential that drivers can trust its components. Strutmasters offers a one-year warranty on the new Sequoia suspension replacement kit, just as it does with all of its conversion kits. The springs themselves come with a limited lifetime warranty.

About Strutmasters

Strutmasters is a suspension manufacturer founded in 1999 by Chip Lofton. Strutmasters has become an industry leader in the suspension world, specializing in air-to-non-air suspension conversion kits. Strutmasters offers complete and affordable solutions for repairing expensive and complex air, magnetic, electronic and hydraulic suspension systems. What began as a personal project to fix a family’s only vehicle, Strutmasters has since grown into a national supplier of suspension solutions, earning the title “The Suspension Experts”.

For those looking to replace their Sequoia suspension, the expert team at Strutmasters is on standby to help you get exactly what you need. Totaling a very affordable price of $749, our pricing is designed to give you accessible options when it comes to your suspension. Whether you prefer to shop in line or contact us by phone at 866-597-2397, we are ready to help you find a solution to your suspension problems.

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