Thales voice biometric solution helps mobile operator call centers fight identity fraud



Thales announces a new voice biometric solution that is part of the Thales Trusted Digital Identity Service Platform for integration and authentication. It responds to the growing demand from mobile operator call centers to combat identity fraud while providing a smooth customer experience.

Delivered in partnership with ID R&D, one of the recognized leaders in the voice biometrics sector, this new capability further strengthens Thales’s trusted digital identity platform, which already integrates sophisticated verification of identity documents and data. advanced biometrics such as facial recognition and fingerprints.

Call center operators are encouraged to verify the identity of callers in order to detect identity fraud attempts. In addition to being inefficient, current processes using knowledge-based authentication (KBA) create frustrating delays for legitimate subscribers, compromising the customer experience.

In contrast, Thales’s automated voice correspondence solution is completely transparent and discreet for callers and requires no intervention or training from call center staff. It helps detect fraudsters attempting to impersonate customers.

Thales is partnering with R&D ID for this voice pairing solution. Caller voices are quickly compared to stored voiceprints of known fraudsters and individuals associated with suspicious call patterns. With a strong performance in the key benchmarks of the NIST 2019 Speaker Recognition Assessment, ID R&D technology is recognized as delivering unprecedented precision, speed and reliability.

Thales Voice Matching also supports transparent authentication of legitimate customers. With the user’s consent, this further opens the door to secure access to personalized service offerings. After a recent implementation by a leading mobile operator, Thales voice biometrics has proven so effective in identifying fraudulent callers that it is now being extended to new use cases with authentication of existing users, to replace usernames and passwords, all in compliance with local privacy regulations

“ID R&D provides a new generation of voice biometrics that enables superior security and better user experiences. Partnering with Thales to detect and prevent fraud without imposing friction on customers and without giving clues to fraudsters is exciting, ”said Alexey Khitrov, CEO of ID R&D. “With this solution, we are giving mobile operators a strong case for deploying voice biometrics to stop fraud when signing up new subscribers and subsequently strengthen ongoing authentication.”

“Fraudsters are now increasingly targeting remote channels such as call centers to impersonate legitimate customers,” said Guillaume Lafaix, VP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales. “But the unique characteristics of the voice are therefore a powerful asset in the fight against this type of fraud. Captured effortlessly during registration, voice biometrics also establishes a pathway to improve the long-term customer experience.


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