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Forde, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The EarlyBirds open innovation system invites innovators – startups, scaleups and even mature organizations to find their business profiles on the EarlyBirds platform, link them to their other business profiles and add products, solutions (or “innovations”) and services so that other organizations can understand what they do and contact them directly if they want to do business together. EarlyBirds strives to foster innovation by connecting innovative organizations with early adopter organizations and subject matter experts who can work together to share products and ideas so all of their businesses can thrive.

A key issue facing startups, scale-ups and mature companies is identifying large customers, both in the public and private sector, for their products and services, to help them achieve more consistent income in order to so that they can grow their businesses. Large companies have large and often complex organizational structures, so it can be difficult for an innovator to find the right people to talk to about the use of their products. Most startups and scale-ups have limited resources to promote themselves and engage with large organizations, which makes it even harder for them to navigate the complex organizational structures of the companies they want to promote themselves to. Large organizations also tend to have long and complicated procurement cycles, involving many people and processes to decide which products and services they want to use as a business. It can be especially difficult for companies creating entirely new technologies to find early adopters for their innovations, as not all companies are interested in trying a product that does not have a long history of use or a track record in as a functional product. Companies that want the disruptive products with the new innovations might struggle to find them due to their complex supply cycles and organizational structure.

EarlyBirds founders Kris Poria and Jeff Penrose encountered this exact problem once, helping a large client who needed an innovative solution to their problems, when a startup with a solution that would have been a great solution n did not succeed. . After witnessing this failure, the founders launched EarlyBirds and built one of the largest open innovation ecosystems known to bring together innovators and companies who want to be the first or early adopters of innovative solutions to their problems. commercial. EarlyBirds already tracks over 4 million global innovators using its AI platform, and a number of public and private Tier 1 clients are using the platform to identify potential startups, scale -ups and mature innovators to work with who could meet their needs. Innovators can also use EarlyBirds to sell their products directly on the platform, especially for customers looking to get started quickly with an early proof of concept, pilot program or license. The organization can purchase products directly through EarlyBirds for testing and evaluation, rather than having to go through procurement each time and work with each individual company to obtain trials to find out if a product is right for them.

Organizations that use the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem enjoy various benefits, mainly depending on the type of business they are and how they want to use the platform. Early Adopter organizations are able to quickly resolve their business challenges by having access to innovative solutions and subject matter experts who can help solve their problems. Innovative companies will find it easy to engage with Early Adopter customers who will help them develop their product to be the best it can be. Subject matter experts get a flexible contract and a wide variety of clients to help solve problems. EarlyBirds can help innovators find early adoption opportunities, all they have to do is “find my business” on the EarlyBirds platform and follow the steps on the platform. Anyone wishing to connect with other companies through the EarlyBirds platform can visit their website or contact the company to learn more about the pricing, process and opportunities that may be available in the open innovation ecosystem. EarlyBirds.


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