This Exclusive VPN Offer Drops Monthly Cost To Ridiculous $ 1.13


Black Friday already looks like an eternity, but there are some traces of the silly sales season left. And one of the best tech deals we saw in November continues to impress, which is great news if you’re looking for a new VPN service.

The jaw-dropping offer comes from provider PureVPN, who has reduces the monthly price of its five-year subscription to $ 1.33 per month.

And yet, things are getting even better. This is because TechRadar readers can use an exclusive discount code to get an extra 15% off. Just enter the coupon technology15 on the checkout page, and you’ll see the effective monthly price drop to just $ 1.13 …

Without going for a lower quality free VPN, no provider comes close to that price. Just take a look at our guide to dedicated VPN deals if you don’t believe us.

It should be noted that – like pretty much every other VPN company – PureVPN requires that you pay the full amount up front. So although it is advertised as $ 1.13 per month, you will have to pay for the entire five years. With the 15% discount, that means a cost of $ 67.96 – still pretty extraordinary for 60 months of use.

Plus, if you’re not happy with Pure’s services, it offers a 31-day money-back guarantee. This makes it a real risk free VPN steal.

Graph showing the PureVPN Black Friday offer

(Image credit: PureVPN)

What other VPN offers are available?

Almost every provider under the sun has published Black Friday VPN deals, and most of the best deals are still going strong. So if you want to go for a service with a better reputation than Pure, then there are still some great prices to be had.

Some of the biggest names include NordVPN, which has fallen to $ 3.29 per month for two years, and Surfshark, which is now down to $ 2.21 / pm for the next 27 months.

Private Internet access can be even cheaper if you’re willing to commit to three years. After adding three additional free months, the monthly cost is now set at $ 2.03.

And what about our # 1 recommended provider, ExpressVPN? Well, frankly, it can’t compete with the rest on price alone. Its monthly cost is $ 6.67 per month, with an additional three months free on its annual plan. But at least you get a secure cloud backup from Backblaze.

VPN deals: what you can do with a VPN

There are loooooads of VPN uses. Virtual private networks allow geo-restricted content to be bypassed. So if you wanted to watch a Netflix show that is geo-restricted to one location, a VPN changes your IP address, so your device is tricked into thinking it’s in a different location. Be sure to check out our Netflix VPN guide if your main reason for a VPN is streaming, then they are also great for watching sports and shows that are only available abroad.

Some people will be more concerned that VPNs help you browse the internet safely. A VPN uses encryption technology which essentially means that your browsing and activity will be anonymous. So if you’re worried about your cybersecurity, a VPN is definitely the way to go.

Beyond that, they help bypass websites and apps blocked in countries that ban them, help secure online banking and shopping (especially over public Wi-Fi), and are even known. to bypass the limitation on broadband bandwidth and book cheaper flights in comparison. sites too.


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