This software is the best antivirus for Mac, here’s why (and it’s in French)

The antivirus market is vast. For twenty years, several companies have wanted to find a place in this sector with varying degrees of success. Among the best, we can count on Intego and its antivirus for Mac of French origin. In our eyes, this is the software to choose if you have a computer running macOS.

The other advantage is that this antivirus for Mac appears this weekend at a very attractive price. And for good reason, the Intego Mac Security X9 software is only 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. With the current offer, you realize an immediate saving of -60% the first year.

The Intego Mac Security X9 software discount is available here:

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If this is your first time trying an antivirus for Mac and you’re not sure if it’s right for you, don’t panic. Indeed, Intego offers a 30-day money-back trial. We doubt that will happen, but it may get you reimbursed by the cybersecurity company in case you are unconvinced.

Why is this antivirus for Mac the best?

In our opinion, Intego is the undeniable macOS expert on the market and its antivirus for Mac is on the top step of the podium. If it obtains such a place in our tests and our guides, it is because this specialist born in France made a radical choice when it arrived on the market in 1997. While all the other players were developing solutions for Windows, he completely left the latter aside to focus on Apple’s operating system.

The choice of Intego might have seemed insane because Apple was not what it is today in the late 1990s. Today, this strategy pays off because the company has had plenty of time to capture and to understand all the specificities of macOS to offer the best antivirus for Mac. Combined with a firewall that secures the network connection, it is relevant in all respects.

First, this antivirus for Mac protects your computer against all malware: spyware, adware… and even ransomware. According to several independent tests (such as AV-Test) which regularly examine the capabilities of security software on the market, it is able to detect 100% of viruses.

Intego is also an easy-to-install Mac antivirus. It takes little time to set it up on your computer and then run the first malware scan. The tool will compare the elements with its database to detect the slightest element at risk. On a day-to-day basis, it runs in the background on your device, meaning power and battery performance aren’t impacted, while you aren’t bothered by notifications (or a voice announcing an update). updated) when you work.

Discover Intego Antivirus

Intego also has a security solution that combines several tools. Entitled Mac Premium X9 Plan, it is even more complete thanks to the presence of the antivirus for Mac and the firewall. In addition, there is also a personal data management and parental control tool. The last tool is also very tempting, it is a Mac cleaner that can restore your computer’s performance.

If you’re looking to pick up Intego’s Antivirus Protection Suite for Mac, it’s also on sale this weekend. Indeed, its price drops to 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. It’s still a saving of -60% and we also find the 30-day trial period.

What follows Intego Mac Premium X9 Bundle can be found here:

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