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In this article, we are going to discuss several error codes that users encounter while logging into their Microsoft teams Account. Users continue to see either error code that prevents them from signing in to their organization’s Microsoft Teams account. Although you should make sure that the login information they entered is correct, these errors can occur even after you have given the correct username and password. Now, what are the known error codes that occur while signing into Microsoft Teams? Let’s find out!

What is modern authentication?

Microsoft Teams uses modern authentication which is a better and safer way to sign in to the app. It is also known as Single sign-on Where single sign-on. It basically allows users to sign in to the Microsoft Teams account without re-entering the email and password with each new session.

However, logging in with Modern Authentication depends on different factors and may vary from organization to organization. For example, it depends on whether or not your organization has enabled single-factor authorization or multi-factor authorization. In the case of multi-factor authorization, users must enter a unique code, PIN or digital fingerprint to verify the credentials provided on their registered phone. Once you’re signed in to your account, Microsoft Teams won’t need your credentials to sign in each time you launch the app. You will be automatically logged in.

Why can’t I sign in to my Microsoft Teams account?

There may be different reasons why you can’t sign in to your account on Teams. While modern authentication is great, users may experience login errors from time to time. Often the problem lies with the Office 365 account in your domain or organization. In this case, contacting your IT administrator or system administrator may resolve your issue.

What does the status code at the bottom of my error message mean on Microsoft Teams?

The status code you get at the bottom of an error message on Teams helps identify and diagnose the connection error you just encountered. Write it down and contact your IT administrator and tell them about the status code; they will help you resolve a specific error code accordingly.

Now, let’s take a look at the common and known error codes that users encounter when trying to sign into their account on Microsft Teams.

What are the sign-in error codes on Microsoft Teams?

Here are the known sign-in error codes that many users have encountered while signing in to their Microsoft Teams account. Let’s see how to fix Microsoft Teams0xCAA20003, 0xCAA82EE2, 0xCAA82EE7, 0xCAA20004, 0xCAA90018, error codes.

1]Team error code 0xCAA20003

This is a connection error code that displays the following message when triggered:

0xCAA20003, You have encountered an authorization problem.

As mentioned by the people in charge of Microsoft Teams, this is basically a permission issue. To fix it, make sure the date and time on your device is set correctly, as this can affect connectivity with secure sites.

2]Team error code 0xCAA82EE2

0xCAA82EE2, the request timed out.

Another sign-in error code on Microsoft Teams is 0xCAA82EE2. This error code displays a similar message such as “We cannot connect you.”The main reason for encountering this error code is that the request has timed out.

You can try to fix it by making sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection. Also, make sure that our firewall or antivirus is not preventing you from accessing your Microsoft Teams account. If so, turn off your firewall or antivirus program and see if the issue is resolved.

3]Team error code 0xCAA82EE7

0xCAA82EE7, the server name could not be resolved.

You may also encounter an error code 0xCAA82EE7 while signing into Microsoft Teams. This error code basically indicates that the server name or address could not be resolved. It can also happen due to internet connectivity issues or your firewall configurations. So make sure you are connected to an active and stable internet connection. If you are sure this is not the reason for the error, try disabling your firewall or virus protection and see if the issue is resolved.

4]Team error code 0xCAA20004

0xCAA20004, Your request must be approved by a resource owner or authorization server.

Another sign-in error code on Microsoft Teams is 0xCAA20004. This error suggests that a resource owner or authorization server should approve your requests. It is triggered with the following error message:

Something went wrong
We were unable to connect you. If the error persists, contact your system administrator and provide error code 0xCAA20004

If you encounter this error code, contact your IT administrator directly and ensure that Azure Active Directory (AAD) configuration policies are followed by your organization.

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5]Team error code 0xCAA90018

0xCAA90018, you are using the wrong credentials.

The error code 0xCAA90018 on Teams indicates that you entered incorrect login information. So make sure you log in with the correct email and password. If the error persists even after entering the correct credentials, contact your IT administrator.

6]No error code in Microsoft Teams

None, you will have to re-enter your PIN code using a smart card.

If you can’t sign in to Teams but don’t get an error code, you might need to re-enter your PIN using a smart card. So, reinsert your card and enter the PIN code. If that doesn’t help, you may be dealing with a corrupted smart card certificate. In this case, try contacting your IT administrator.

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Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams sign-in errors and issues

Most of these error codes have common fixes that you can try to resolve if there are errors and issues in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Check if there are any service issues at the end of Microsoft Teams.
  3. Try to access your Teams account on a web client.
  4. Make sure the firewall is not blocking access.
  5. Some other solutions to try.
  6. Contact your IT administrator if you have an unknown status code.

1]Check your Internet connection

Some of these error codes like 0xCAA82EE2 and 0xCAA82EE7 are the result of internet issues. So, to counter them, you need to make sure that there are no network issues on your PC and that you are connected to the internet stable. If there are connectivity issues, try to troubleshoot Internet issues on your system.

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2]Check if there are any service issues at the end of Microsoft Teams

If there are any service issues on the Microsoft Teams side that are preventing you from signing in to your account, you will have to wait. They will solve the problems on their end in a while. During this time, you can continue to check the Microsoft Teams service status and try to sign in to your account in between.

3]Try to access your Teams account on a web client

You can also try to access your account on another platform. For example, if you sign in to the Teams desktop app, go to the web client and see if you can sign in without errors.

4]Make sure the firewall is not blocking access

Try contacting your IT administrator and verify that a firewall, antivirus, or other application is blocking access to Microsoft Teams. If so, disabling the firewall and other anti-virus programs may help you resolve the error. This fix is ​​effective for error codes such as 0xCAA82EE7 and 0xCAA82EE2.

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5]Some other solutions to try

There are other fixes that might help you get rid of a sign-in error code on Microsoft Teams:

  • You need to make sure that you entered the correct login information for your account, in the case of error code 0xCAA90018.
  • Check if the date and time are set correctly on your PC if you encounter error code 0xCAA20003. Otherwise, HTTPS sites can block a suspicious connection from your PC.
  • You can also try disabling your VPN client or VPN browser extensions to check if you can connect without any issues.

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6]Contact your IT administrator in case of unknown status code

If you encounter any other error code than the ones we have mentioned here, you can try contacting your IT administrator or your system administrator. They are able to resolve most connection issues.

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Why is my Microsoft account locked?

Your Microsoft account may be locked out if there is a security issue. If you have entered the wrong password for your email multiple times, your account may be locked. Or, there is activity on your account that violated Microsoft’s Terms of Service that may have caused your account to be banned. However, the recovery process is straightforward which you can perform by following the on-screen instructions.

Why is my Microsoft Teams not working?

If Microsoft Teams is not working or if Microsoft Teams continues to crash / hang, there could be multiple causes for this. For example, if Microsoft services are down for maintenance or because of the Microsoft Teams cache. You can try to check Microsoft Teams service status, clear Teams cache, clear Windows credentials, etc. If nothing works, try reinstalling the Teams app on your PC and check if the issue is resolved or not.

That’s it!

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Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams sign-in errors and issues


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