UWO opens new cybersecurity center of excellence to fight scams

OSHKOSH, Wisconsin (WBAY) – The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has opened a new Cyber ​​Security Center, providing a new space for cyber security related research, training and awareness, in partnership with the Wisconsin Cyber ​​Threat Response Alliance .

The Cyber ​​Security Center of Excellence, located in the Culver Family Visitor Center on the Oshkosh Campus, has a live-fire cyber zone where users can experience real-world cyber threats in a controlled educational environment. The center also includes classrooms, a laboratory and a small data center.

Michael Patton, director of the center, said the space seeks to help not only students with their cybersecurity, but Wisconsin as a whole.

“We really want to embody the idea of ​​Wisconsin that the universities here in the UW system are not just there to educate students, but to have meaning in everyday Wisconsinite life,” Patton said.

The center is free for college students and offers programming for the larger Oshkosh community. Students can use the center to expand their cybersecurity awareness and through classes, events, lab work, and internship opportunities.

“Our goal is not to make everyone an expert in cybersecurity. Our goal is to take everyone’s knowledge of cybersecurity and improve just one. So if you don’t know anything about cybersecurity, let’s talk about some of the basic things you can do, ”Patton said.

The center also seeks to serve nearby schools by offering hands-on events. The public will also benefit from training events and opportunities.

“You know, all too often, when we talk about cybersecurity, we get into real technical and technical terms. And yet it’s important that we can communicate these things in simple English, ”Patton said.

The 2020 FBI Internet Crime Report found that more than $ 4.1 billion was lost in 2020 due to cyber scams.

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