Watch out for new computer scams


Another round of computer scams are coming to some people’s inboxes. It claims that the Norton PC protection support program you purchased a year ago expired yesterday but was automatically renewed.

The email says, “SINCE you chose the auto-renew option, we have billed your saved A / C details for the annual amount of your plan when your CONTRACT expires. “

The message states that the customer’s alleged account, with a given invoice number and purchase date, was charged $ 399.98.

He also advises: “If you want to to cancel our services, please contact us within 24 HOURS of receiving this confirmation email.

A free phone number is provided to contact the support team. And, “If this order has not been placed by you or if you believe someone has ACCESS to your Norton account to make a PURCHASE, please do not hesitate to contact us to cancel at any time and get a refund.”

PCRISK magazine notes: “The Norton subscription expired today (yesterday), is a fraudulent pop-up alert, claiming (that in this case Norton Antivirus), the suite subscription has expired and must be renewed” or has already been debited from your account via automatic renewal.

“Such fraudulent messages,” says the magazine, “are posted by various deceptive websites. These sites are rarely visited voluntarily. Most visitors access it through unauthorized redirects.

Consumers are encouraged to never open or reply to suspicious emails or click on unfamiliar links.

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