Westfield Man lost $ 12,000 by fake antivirus vendor McAfee


WESTFIELD, NJ – A Westfield man told police earlier this month that he had $ 12,000 stolen while trying to protect himself from viruses – that is, computer viruses.

Police said on September 10, a man told them that a stranger sent him an email claiming he worked for McAfee Antivirus. The scammer claimed there was an unpaid balance on the man’s account and requested his personal information. The scammer also requested remote access to the man’s computer. The victim provided personal information.

The con artist or crooks then fraudulently withdrew $ 7,399.00 from the man’s bank account, police said. In addition to providing personal information to the crooks, the victim also purchased $ 4,500 in gift cards to help pay his supposed bill for the McAfee Antivirus service.

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Thus, the total loss was $ 11,899.99.

Police are investigating the fraud.

Find out what’s happening in Westfield with free real-time Patch updates.

This is the scam of the day

Since last spring, various news sources have reported the “McAfee Phishing Scam” and similar “Phishing Scams” in which an email searches for a person’s personal information.

One website called the McAfee scam the “scam of the day” for June 25, 2021.

The McAfee company itself warns people to avoid phishing emails, but uses as an example: “You receive an email from bank0famerica@acc0unt.com claiming that they have found suspicious activity on your statement. credit card and ask you to verify your financial information.

They note: “While you may be tempted to click on a link to immediately resolve the issue, it is likely the work of a cybercriminal. Phishing is a scam that tricks you into providing important personal information on purpose. Protect yourself against phishing by reviewing some examples of phishing emails and learning more about this common online scam. “

Often a phishing scam can be reported because the return email address is not that of the company cited, but a long and complicated address.

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